10 Customer Experience Trends to Watch in 2020

Riya Sen

, Marketing

To anticipate the fate of client assistance, we should comprehend the past – because a few things never show signs of change – just as current patterns and innovation. Every single client deserves respect and wishes to accomplish their desires for unlimited possibilities.

Here are 10 significant Customer Experience Trends that apply to most of the organizations:

  1. Social media is digging in for the long haul 
    There has been a rising pattern in social channels for some time now. Brands effectively share their contemplation’s through online channels for the world to see. Regardless of whether they have had a decent encounter or an awful encounter, they let others know using Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, or other online destinations – and most do it quickly through cell phones or instant messaging. In the event you reliably offer excellent customer care, internet-based life can be a wellspring of verbal endorsements or publicity. In cases, when you receive an objection, guarantee a favorable reaction and search for chances to transform griping clients into your greatest fans.

  2. Clients are more intelligent than any other time
    Technology has made resources readily available and in seconds. With regards to a positive experience, clients know the contrast between great and awful experience. Always showcase and publicize what’s in store. What’s more, they don’t compare you with others in the industry, but with other players offering the same product or service. It will be worth knowing customers’ preferences and adjust your resources accordingly. Conduct surveys, talk to them, run webinars, but get all customers in place.

  3. Millennial clients stand out from other clients
    Millennials have a different desire than baby boomers and see everything differently. They are technically knowledgeable and associate with organizations quickly. They have less resilience for reaction time and are available for fresher types of correspondence. Try not to overlook millennials. Otherwise, it means you’re ignoring your clients.

  4. Big Data Vs. MicroData
    With the bottomless client information that is accessible in the form of Big Data & Analytics, we can identify trends and buying patterns quickly. The key is realizing how to decipher Big Data, Micro Data, and find ways to slice and dice data as per customer preferences and choice. Such a small analysis and extravagant association will help retain the customer for a longer duration.

  5. Targeted promotions based on climatic conditions
    Through climatic and geographical information, you would now be able to know when your clients purchase: what day, what time, how hot or cold, it is outside, and that’s the tip of the iceberg. Climate has a robust association with clients’ purchasing behaviors, to such an extent that companies buy software to track the behavioral insights. You can utilize this gathered data to send altered promotions to clients at the right time.

  6. Self-improvement customer service is here to stay
    Guiding individuals to a self-empowered arrangement doesn’t mean you like to maintain a strategic distance from the client. Numerous clients value the speed and productivity of discovering answers to their inquiries online as opposed to calling an organization, which can once in a while, be tedious and, in any event, baffling. Start by posting a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) area on your site. Post YouTube recordings that instruct how to utilize your items and answer your clients’ most asked questions.

  7. Value continues to overlap the price
    Despite the way that numerous clients are scanning at deal costs, client care can now make costs less pertinent. Realities and insights keep on demonstrating that individuals will pay more for good client experience if they get excellent customer service. Some details are foreseeing that client experience – in light of client assistance – will be the most severe significant differentiation in the following three to five years.

  8. Clients want to be valued
    It is one of those “never shows signs of change” standards of customer service; however, even though it’s fundamental, organizations still don’t make an effort to thank their valuable customers. Just a basic thank you as the client leaves the store is enough to make them feel happy. A call from the salesman or an official, or a customized book or email, works too. Shouldn’t something be said about a written by hand card to say thanks? It might be the most impressive of all because scarcely anybody does it any longer!

  9. Omnichannel will continue to expand
    When you realize your clients invest a ton of energy in their telephones and different gadgets, that is the place you have to contact them. Which channels are you directly using to interact with your client? Use the ones that your clients are utilizing. You can interface by telephone, email, moment talk, internet-based life, YouTube recordings, and that’s just the beginning. Ensure your message is predictable over all channels to guarantee a consistent customer experience

  10. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Computing & Smart Evaluation
    PCs are presently more than absorbing information. They are dissecting and deciphering information – quicker and more precisely than people. With the help of artificial intelligence, cognitive computing & smart evaluation, you can track consumer data in the most stylish form


There is a lot to see and go through. A few nuts and bolts, some proceeding with patterns, and some inclines in the manner we work with our clients. I’m sure there are others that I haven’t referenced, yet these 10 customer experience trends can assist you with improving your collaborations with your clients—wishing you a stunning 2020!