11 Expert Business Consulting Firms in Dubai

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Business establishments need a wide range of solutions on a day to day basis in order to manage their enterprise efficiently. Since Dubai is a leading business hub, there is a large influx of companies from other parts of the world to set up their enterprises here. This has led to the demand for company formation and registration that can help international firms to run their operations smoothly in Dubai. Companies also need competent auditing and accounting services to ensure smooth finance management. The business firms in Dubai can additionally benefit from IT related services such as implementing new software products and technology to help them cope with the rapidly advancing technology in today’s tech-savvy environment. Thus it has become essential these days to hire business consultants in Dubai to facilitate effective and reliable services to kickstart your new venture.    

These business consultants have professional expertise in the relevant field, helping you to implement your vision and turn it to reality. They provide professional consultation in all aspects of company formation, thus you can have an upper edge over the competitors. Here is a look at the 11 best professional business consultants that you must know about in Dubai. 

Top 11 Business Consulting Experts in Dubai

  • 7 EM Consulting 

    7 EM Consulting is an industry leader in Dubai when it comes to offering high-end business consultation to their diverse base of clientele based in different parts of the city. The experts at 7 EM Consulting are always dedicated to helping their clients, to enable them efficiently handle their business enterprise. 7 EM Consulting regularly works with small and mid-range companies as well as larger firms in Dubai and the rest of UAE so that they can take advantage of the facilities that are offered by mainland and free trade zones throughout the entire UAE. They are the best providers of business setup services in Dubai. 

  • Aadmrk Intellectual Property

    Aadmrk Intellectual Property is the go-to company in Dubai when you are seeking a trademark or any kind of intellectual property. The company has been offering trademarks and patents for its business clients in Dubai with a high degree of efficiency for a long time. With their copyrighting expertise, business companies can have the peace of mind they need when they are looking to make sure someone does not deprive them of their legal right to owning the sole right of the property. The smart end consultancy and support offered by Aadmrk Intellectual Property are available for businesses in Dubai and other parts of the UAE.   

  • Aajel Business Services

    Aajel Business Services is one of the most well-known companies of business consultants that have been delivering competent advisory consultation to all types of customers. The company offers comprehensive business setup services in Dubai with the sole aim of helping clients in the most professional manner. Whether a business owner is looking to set up a company within the Dubai free zones or in the mainland, Aajel Business Services can definitely make the whole process a lot easier and hassle-free. They not only process and clear different types of legal documents but also help in the process of attestation to facilitate company setup services. The competent consultants at Aajel Business Services can contact the embassies to arrange attestation for birth certificates, marriage and immigration purposes.

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  • ABM Marks & Rights

    ABM Marks & Rights is a company of business consultants in Dubai that can help companies to manage their businesses efficiently while enjoying a competitive advantage in the market. A lot of businesses in Dubai are not sure as to how they can manage their investments effectively. ABM offers a wide range of cost-effective solutions to help investors as well as international companies enter the market and establish their presence in the region. Whether it is a company trademark, intellectual property patent, or company formation, ABM Marks & Rights can offer a range of business consultancy services that can lead to growth in business. Everyone is aware that protecting intellectual property is key to the success of any organization. Thus ABM excels in delivering top of the line expertise to businesses looking for company incorporation and precise intellectual property patent in Dubai. 

  • Ace Business Consulting FZC

    Ace Business Consulting FZC is a Dubai-based business consultant offering a wide range of services to help set up, maintain, and grow a business in Dubai. The company has got in-depth experience in managing business setup services in Dubai and offer expert assistance to establish your business presence in Dubai. Ace Business Consulting FZC is well acquainted with various aspects of company formation and incorporation solutions, therefore they can help you effectively manage your operations in Dubai.    

  • ACE Consultancy

    When it comes to business consultants in Dubai, ACE Consultancy is definitely one of the most reliable service providers in this part of the world. The company has been at the forefront of the business revolution in Dubai as more companies from international territories choose to settle down and set up their operations here. ACE Consultancy also offers total business consulting to help enterprises manage their financial and strategic moves. Thereby helping them to handle the financial situations that they may need to face from time to time. ACE Consultancy also helps companies to benefit from better decision making.  

  • Al Bahjah Typing and Services

    Al Bahjah Typing and Services is one of the most reputable business consultants in Dubai that has been offering a wide range of full-fledged business solutions, to ensure that companies are able to run their operations flawlessly. Any business having a legal trademark in Dubai or in UAE can ensure smooth and easy dealing with banks and financial institutions, which in turn leads to the growth of the business. The patents and copyright services offered by Al Bahjah Typing and Services are utilized by small, medium, and large companies alike. Since 1981 when Al Bahjah Typing and Services was first established, the firm has always adhered to the best industry practices while dealing with diverse client requirements. 

  • Al Marjan Group

    Al Marjan Group in Dubai offers competent business consultancy solutions for companies that are seeking to launch their businesses in Dubai. Dubai sees a lot of foreign investments on a regular basis. Al Marjan Group offers the most economical business setup and services within the scope of your business model and budget. With the help of Al Marjan Group, companies can not only establish their enterprises in the local business registry but implement strategies that can cut down costs for running a business and boost profits. The expert team at Al Marjan Group has all the capability required to submit the relevant documents, thereby making every step and process faster and cost-effective. Al Marjan Group can also provide PRO services and have the visas of all employees processed at the earliest possible instance.     

  • Ainit Immigration Services

    Ainit Immigration Services is a leading company of immigration experts that has been serving their clients with great expertise. The company has been active in this region for the last 18 years and in this time they have offered their assistance to companies and individuals looking for business migration, student visa, and immigration, corporate visa, family visa, work visa, and skilled labor visa. As an enterprise that is thoroughly aware of the rules and regulations associated with immigration, Ainit Immigration Services can provide clients with complete guidance and support when they are looking to move to Dubai for business and other reasons.  

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  • Ahmed Hassanien Abdulaziz Alnuaimi Chartered Accountants

    Ahmed Hassanien Abdulaziz Alnuaimi Chartered Accountants is a chartered accountant company, with many years of experience in the industry. It is an accounting firm known for its quality service. They have a proficient and dedicated team who offer cost-effective accounting and auditing solutions to companies – small medium and large and also to individual clients. They have some of the best-certified auditors in the Middle East region and they can also perform an economic feasibility study of various projects. Every company desires to maximize its profit margins and with the help of Ahmed Hassanien Abdulaziz Alnuaimi Chartered Accountants, businesses can do just that. 

  • Al Mubadarah Business Group

    Al Mubadarah Business Group provides an extensive range of business consultancy services. Conveniently located at the heart of Dubai, they can help new companies in Dubai to get registered with the local company listing, help businesses to promote and advertise themselves, offer advice on marketing, use of resources as well as provide multidisciplinary support on all facets of running a business. With their competent strategies, they can help businesses to improve their returns in the highly volatile and competitive market. Al Mubadarah Business Group can always deliver customized solutions that can further help a business to achieve the unique goals that they set for themselves. 

Final Thoughts

Hiring one of the experts Dubai business consultants can really work wonders for you when you are looking to find better ways to manage your enterprise. It is important that you visit an online business directory website like Atninfo when you are thinking of getting in touch with a business consultant. These professionals are very well versed with varied aspects of business setup and therefore can advise and support businessmen to succeed in their industries in Dubai in a very cost-effective manner.