5 Basic Car Repairs Everyone Should Know

Riya Sen

, Tech

You are driving your car on the road and it stops immediately what will you do? Off-course you will immediately start searching for a service station but what if the problem is not that huge and you can deal with it by yourself. Yes! Not every car repairing requires going for service station. Emanualonline is here with easy to carryout repairs that a car driver can do by you.

  • Change Oil  of Your Vehicle on Regular Basis

Changing oil regularly is essential to prolong the life of your vehicle. It is the most required DIY skill that every car owner must be aware of.Basic steps involves draining of oil through un-screwing the oil filter and emptying it. Removing the oil filter cap and pouring the fresh oil.

  • How to Change Your Coolant

Changing your Coolant is quite simple and can save you an adequate sum of money. It takes just an hour to change your coolant but be sure to have car manuals before taking any step ahead.As technology is growing day by day vehicles are coming with advanced features.So procedure may vary from vehicle to vehicle.

  • Changing Your Car Battery

Car batteries diein most inconvenient situations and put you in a situation where you require hiring tow trucks to take your vehicle to the service station which is quite frustrating. Battery replacement is not a task that could be carried out in service stations only.With a little bit of practice you can do it by yourself. Steps you must follow to change your car battery by yourself.

  • Remove covers from the battery.
  • Disconnecting the negative cabals.
  • Moving away the clamps from battery posts.
  • Do the same for positive terminals
  • At last remove the old one and fix the new one with fixing all the removed terminals.
  • How to Replace Air Filters

Air filters predominantly keeps your vehicle free from dust particles and other contaminants. They are not that expensive and are easy to repair with following steps:

  • Open the Hood
  • Locating the air filter unit.
  • Removing the air filter cover.
  • Take-out the air filter.
  • Clean the air-filter housing.
  • Insert a new filter.
  • Finally, replace the cover.
  • Changing of Flat Tire

Tires are the most important part of your vehicle, flat tires is the common problem i.e. every car driver face now and then. Learning how to change flat tires could be life-saving for you at any point of time. The basic step involves:

  • Loosening the Lug nuts.
  • Use a jack stand to lift your car off the ground.
  • Place the spare tire on.
  • Wrenching the lug nuts back.
  • Lower the car and finally make sure to tighten the nuts.

All the repairing mentionsare too handy to carryout, if you want to know more on the topic make sure to download car manuals from Emanualonline reviews that are easily available on internet.