5 Fundraising Apps Non-profit Organizations Can Take Inspiration From

Krause Cutt

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The contribution rendered by the internet has only made our lives easier but the revolutionary shift caused by internet technology has left many organizations confused, mostly the nonprofit ones. Acts of donation and charity were seldom conducted online hence with the advent of internet, raising the smallest of funds can become a hassle for some simply due to lack of awareness about online mediums and the constant increase in competition. 

It was to overcome this dilemma that the notion of online funding and digital fundraising campaigns progressively shaped up. This inclusion entirely revamped the traditional methods of charity and some of the best online fundraising campaigns came forth. So, if your goal is to render charitable services in the nonprofit domain, it’s better to mold your idea into the format of a website or an app instead of building a brick-and-mortar nonprofit foundation. 

Mobile apps and fundraising norms 

‘But doesn’t creating an app require more time and effort?’ ‘What if my idea fails?’ Surely, these two common questions always bother new app owners and while trial-and-error is the prime prerequisite to an app’s success, you can outsource the task to app developers rather than choosing to build an in-house team of developers and designers. 

If you choose the latter, you will be primarily responsible for your app development endeavors. And that would include the right selection of an app development platform, interface templates, not to forget a stable internet connection similar to the ones available through buytvinternetphone, needed especially while testing the app for usability and performance. 

Now that you know what’s essentially required to develop an app, here are the top 5 popular fundraising mobile apps you can get inspiration from for your own: 

1. Charity Miles

Charity Miles allows individuals to make a change by turning each mile ran into charitable money. With over 100 million miles accomplished and $2.7 million fundraised, many well-esteemed organizations and foundations have affiliated with Charity Miles to achieve astounding results in donations, that too solely through an app. The repute Charity Miles enjoys today certainly took time to build but if you’re a nonprofit organization and your goal is to connect donators from around the world for a better cause, you can choose to make a similar app for your foundation as well.  

2. Shout 

By charging no extra commission fee, through Shout you can donate and fundraise for multiple causes at once. The available causes range from welfare to animal shelters and individuals can even become a part of communities focused upon the LGBTQ or migrants/refugees in their localities. The $5 you may spend on your McDonald’s breakfast would yield you a good deed if you choose to donate that amount instead. The app even has the option to share your donations across social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook so your connections are aware of this practice and start contributing to make a difference. 

3. Planet Fundraiser 

Planet Fundraiser is a fundraising mobile app with a unique twist. The app doesn’t ask you to donate directly to any cause or community instead Planet Fundraiser has affiliations with local businesses, both offline and online, for donation purposes. But what does this affiliation have to do with fundraising? A certain amount from every purchase you make through affiliated local businesses is donated for a cause. In turn, it becomes a win-win situation for both the business and the nonprofit organization. 

4. Coin Up 

Coin Up allows you to accumulate the purchases made using your credit/debit card and donate a specific amount from your order to a befitting cause. This app is easier to set up since initially you only have to choose a nonprofit organization you want to donate to, set the monthly donation limit, and then proceed to buy products. With every order made, the amount is automatically charged to your card and donated to the corresponding nonprofit foundation. Your donations are added to your profile from where you can keep a check on your monthly charities. 

5. One Today by Google

Last but not the least. One Today by Google simply couldn’t be left out of this list. The app has set no limit to donation amounts so even if you have a dollar to donate, One Today will let you proceed with your donation. A single dollar can bring about a huge impact in the sea of enormous funds raised, based on contributions coming from individuals and organizations alike. One today has a built-in option to share your contributions across social media channels. As a result, inspiring others to donate. One today therefore constitutes more than a sole donation platform; it is rather where you learn to inspire yourself to donate and inspire others to do the same. 

Why online fundraising matters 

In a technology-ridden world, the societal approach to life has become too ‘ME-centric’. You will only show interest in a product commercial when it advocates the benefits it will provide to YOU. If not, you might just skip the channel and look for something else. Despite individuals focusing solely on their needs, many nonprofit organizations are out there encouraging the very same ME-centric people to be charitable, and donate. 

There’s still a long way to go for nonprofit organizations to make the most out of technology. Some have begun but some will prefer to adopt the changing trends only when awareness becomes widespread. If you’ve an idea for a fundraising app brewing up then don’t spend time hesitating. Instead give your fundraising idea your utmost best and you might as well come up with a far more unique app idea than the ones we’ve mentioned.