5 SEO Techniques That Work Well In 2019

Emilly Leia


In the progress of the digital world, SEO or search engine optimization takes a considerable part. Website owners know the importance of it for the growth of their website. It is essential for traffic boost so that their website will stay on top and rank on search engines. Website owners are doing everything to keep on top, but sometimes, SEO can be tricky. Search engine optimization is a technique that has been very useful in the digital world. It is used by search engines such as Google, Firefox, Bing, and Safari. An SEO specialist is working hard to keep content to work well to rank in those search engines. It is essential to stay on the first page as a user entered a keyword, and your page goes up on number 1, then it is more likely to increase organic traffic.

Well, SEO can be technical and a challenging strategy. The good thing is there are SEO advertising companies that are efficient in optimizing a site, especially for the novice in the industry. So if you are still struggling on SEO works, you can contact a competent agency to help you with. The SEO specialist will help you understand more about it and will provide a proven technique that will help you increase your website traffic. In the meantime, let’s talk about the 5 SEO techniques that work well in 2019.

Focus On Content

Your content is significant, as Bill Gates said, “Content is king.” It is back way in 1996, where the billionaire and principal founder of Microsoft Corporation published an article saying that content is king. That time, the internet is progressing, but unlike this present time, the internet is a basic necessity already. Twenty-three years ago, Bill Gates saw the importance of content in running a website, and up to now, it is true. Content is significant to keep your website to rank on top of the competition. So, how do you focus on content? Let’s see what the tips that we can give you are:

First, aim for long articles. Think about creating content that has at least 1000 words or longer. People are looking for more information on the web so target those kinds of audiences that are longing for the substantial reading experience. Then, search for high searching keywords and also see what keywords are your competitors are using. Analyze what will be suitable for your website and then, make sure to write relevant content. Always have in mind that you need to provide quality content for your audiences and target leads to visit your website. If you provide excellent materials, then people will find your site instead of you finding people to read your articles.

Social Media SEO

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great platforms to help you with SEO. Using these platforms have a significant impact on your website in helping with optimization. Social media platforms are very blooming nowadays. A lot of people are willing to spend more than eight hours a day on social media. As they said, it is the new place to socialize as the digital world is progressing. So, it is also a great place to do your SEO. First, you need to work on your social media profile. Make sure to have an account that is relevant to your website or business. You will get recognition from your followers and prospects if you are also consistently optimizing by using infographics and contents on your social media profile. People will follow you as they got interested and you can send them into your website. To increase your social media presence, make sure to update your followers every day by providing them some good read. Make sure to keep an engaging post every single day. It should be readable, high quality, and of course sharable so that your followers can also help you with making the post viral or can be reached by other people, not in your network.

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Enhanced User Experience

When you search by using a keyword and then the search engine gives you top pages and then you choose one of them. After clicking, the website response rate is very slow, so what will you do next? Yes, you will leave the site so soon. When this happens, your website will significantly be affected, and you will lose the chance of having visitors going on your page due to the slow site. So make sure to enhance the user experience. You can hire a web developer and designer to fix your website. It is also essential to keep your website engaging, catchy, and pleasing to the eyes of the visitor. Also, make sure to keep the site mobile responsive.

Voice Search

Due to the fast phasing world, searching should be convenient. That is why voice search is very useful, especially to those people who have only limited time, traveling, busy, or are multitasking. Users want quicker results, so voice search is handy. Try using phrases that are commonly searched on the web and then use it to optimize your content.

Link Building

Aside from optimizing your contents on your website or also commonly known as on-page SEO, you can also do off-page SEO such as link building. But of course, as mentioned earlier, you need to have optimized contents so people will be able to find you. Once you have excellent materials, you can look for high authority websites where you can post your articles with your link on. It is beneficial to keep your website optimized by collaborating with other sites.

Some people who are no longer practicing SEO said that it is dead. But, they are wrong since it is still useful and many business owners, even big names are using it. In this year 2019, SEO still works well, and it will keep going this way as people are relying on the information on the web.