6 Dazzling Moments in Moroccan Souk

Emilly Leia

, Travel

The Perspective of an Explorer

It doesn’t take much effort to plan a holiday of your choice. All you need is little cash some clothes and sneakers and you are ready to go to your next best experience.

Travelling changes your perspective on lots of things like your lifestyle, your moral codes and so on…but it also alters your point of view as an explorer. The smallest decision of where to travel can change your life for forever.

We all know how beautiful our planet is. Some places are more exotic than others. Some are colder or hotter than others. Well, it’s all about preferences.

Every explorer is unique. Every experience matters no matter how little you’ve travelled.

Being in Morocco you learn more about cultural diversity than any other place. Situated on shores of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea its truly nature’s way of giving us more than we deserve.

The country has so much to offer for you it boggles your mind sometimes. It’s easy to spot a summer holiday destination when you are looking in the right direction.

It’s a country full of ethnic wonders. The cities buzz with tourists all year round especially during spring and autumn and it knows how to entertain its guest.

No matter how many summer holiday destinations you travel, souks are one of the main attraction points in Morocco Tourism. All eastern influence countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, etc have one thing in common. The market squares.

And to be honest, it’s every female (or male) travelers’ dream to visit new markets every day.

Follow your soul, it will take you directly to…. Best tourist attraction, SOUK!

What makes the Moroccan souks so special?

Souks are heartbeats of Moroccan cities like Marrakech, Fez, Casablanca, Tangier and so on. It’s one of the highest tourist attractions in Morocco.

It’s not that it is aggravated with the brands, in fact, brands are not of concern there. Traditional handicraft items ranging from clothes to pottery to spices are on a display.

Buy less, choose well and make it last.

  1. The medinas are the old part of towns divided into quartiers. It’s easy to get lost in the labyrinth of alleys if you are not too careful. Keeping this information aside when you enter the souk first soak it all in.

    Observe what is going on around you. In the beginning, you will encounter numerous stalls and vendors displaying their specialties and they call out to potential customers. It’s like an everyday routine. Familiarize yourself with the rhythm of activities going around you.

  2. The maze of narrow streets is divided according to various trades. If you start from the east side, you will directly enter the handmade clay items. The hard clay used to navigate the designs of culinary has astounding designs and colorful patterns on them. You can even see some potters working right in front and working on their daily routine. They even let you try it (if you are not too fond of staying all clean) and be careful clay gets everywhere in your hair, on your clothes and even on your face.

  3. Have you ever played monopoly? If yes, then it’s time to put your skills into practice.

Haggling is an old practice in this area. No price tags can be seen on the displayed items. It’s a game of winning at the lowest price (for the tourist obviously). When visiting a souk for the first time one is not aware of how to do the bargaining. Before purchasing anything visit other shops (government licensed) to get familiar with the market prices. s

Be aware! You have been warned beforehand, prices can be skyrocketing if you buy something blindly. Avoid that. And you may save the extra cost. No need to feel sorry for the vendors. They can be pretty much annoyingly persuasive seeing a potential customer. They always sell things at a profit even if you bargain the lowest price (so calm your guilt).

  1. Let’s get to our favorite part of the souks. The hand-woven carpets! If u didn’t know it earlier, Moroccan carpets are worldwide famous for their geometrical patterns of high quality. Like Persian carpets, Moroccan carpets are a prime example of their heritage woven in threads. The price of rugs and carpets may differ according to the city. If it’s a rural city, like Fez, the price will be a tad bit lower as compared to one in Marrakech or Tangier. Chefchaouen souks offer a great range of pottery items. It’s a contrasting home accessory item that you will feel the impulse to buy. Like the city itself, blue pottery resembles the local artists and potters and their skills are appreciable.  You can take one back home as a gift on the Christmas holiday even!

  2. Know for a fact that souks are named according to the weekdays. Like on Sunday it’s a Souk el Had, on Monday it’s a Souk el Tnine and so on. Each souk represents different items (in rural areas or areas near to villages) at a different time of the day. If you are interested, you can see the snake charmers mesmerizing snakes with pipers. I know it can be pretty much disorienting but at the same time, it’s intriguing as well. And don’t worry fangs are cut out of roots (a safety precaution) so if you see a snake biting a charmer don’t faint or even scream, it’s all part of the show (and you can’t possibly change the biting nature of snake even without fangs). Mostly black cobra (king cobras) are persistently kept by the snake charmers. But other species of snakes are also kept. Not all of them are venomous.

  3. And yes the jewelry and the leather made items? Its full house! Although there was a time when silver was more commonly used now gold jewelry is the most commonly found item.  

You will have lots of variety of leather goods ranging from bags and wallets to jackets as well. Handmade shoes are a rare commodity but you can get a good pair of leather shoes too. Kaftans, abbayas are in colorful variety along with traditional djellabas (Moroccan robes).  

A variety of hookahs (sheesha pipes), toys and many more items are available.

Even if you are not an avid buyer there’s a possibility you might become one. It’s irresistible to not buy something when you walk through the souks.

Moroccan souks are like a wonderland of bustling alleys.

One of the best Morocco tourist attraction, souks, have a world of their own. The aroma of spices and food items is a done deal for food lovers while for a photographer this place is perfectly candid.

You will come to love the energetic, overwhelming but all-consuming experience of visiting any souk at any hour of the day. There are plenty of options to stay in resorts or riads (via Virikson Morocco Holidays). Make your time worthwhile.