6 Guidelines for Wandering Souls to Turkey

Krause Cutt

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Did you ever get lost even after going through a clear instructions manual?

I have seen way too many spooky chronicles in which a group of kids doesn’t follow the code of instructions set out for them and they die or sometimes they played according to the game and well…. they still died. 

But we are no kids and we are certainly not in a horror story but the travelling experience can become a horror story of its own.

No worries here mate! 

Travelling can never be injurious to your health as some horror movies might predict them to be but it can be a joyous moment that is memorable for the rest of our lives.

But holidays are best time of the year. Each family wants their type of holidays like a Catholics wants a Christmas holiday somewhere in Utah or a Muslim family planning for having Halal Holidays, for the leisure time they have been looking forward too. and yes, it can take a while but nevertheless, it is worth waiting for.

Travelling to the end of the world sounds quite exciting for the ears but well where, to begin with in order to go to the edge of the world?

Jammed Between Asia and Europe

Let’s start with Turkey. 

Considered to be at the edge of the Muslim world is a transcontinental country and among the famous Halal Holiday Destinations in the world. With the rock culture of Europe and Asia, infused is a bilingual cultural destination for tourists and otherwise. 

This country has magnificent gems of Marmara Sea, the Bosphorus Straits and the Turkish straits known as Dardanelles. But it’s not the currents that need a good visit but the country is full of its magnificent strokes of beauty and the islands are just phenomenal.

Either its Ankara, the capital, or Istanbul, the largest city, you will fall in love with the cultural vibes and definitely one of the best entailed architectural sites and the street food? You have to taste it yourself.

Now in order to know exactly what you will be getting yourself into in Turkey, we have a 6 step manual, easy to follow and helpful for the readers.

6 Guidelines for Wanderers

If you never have been to a foreign place, there are no worries. You better get used to the unfamiliar and unnerving feelings because every time you decide to travel somewhere you are bound to feel that way (or maybe not).

I can’t unsee the face of the moon from the other side of the world.

Let’s not let you forget about it either.

  • Wait for the Perfect Weather

How to know it’s time to travel to Turkey? Of course, you don’t need a meteorologist to tell you that but some weather insight is a good idea at your part.

Turkey has a temperate Mediterranean climate, meaning that summers are equally hot and dry and winters are mild and cold. But not all place here depicts a hot summer horror story either. You need to make sure that when you travel here you are in early spring.

The best time of the year! See the flowers, blooming dales and the fresh breeze coming from the seaside will leave you gasping for more.

  • Keep Moving People!

Once in Turkey, the true experience you need to have is the FERRY!

Ferry rides are quite common means of transport from the sea of Marmara to the Aegean Sea but you can easily utilize the tour buses (double-decker) within the city tour and get a quick preview of what you can look forward too.

Besides the bus and the ferry, travelling via trains is an equally fun ride. Unless you are with kids you have to select a more comfortable mode of communication but hey don’t let that turn down your spirit of travelling!

Or better yet make your way on the pedestrian side. You can’t simply miss the common goodness of walking here! The cobbled streets and the street fairs are a no-miss show!

  • Pay Your Respects

When travelling always remember to have a thorough research about the new culture and traditions, because the sure thing is you don’t want to enter a new place blindly with no prospect whatsoever.

Turkish are a very proud and honorable nation. They strongly believe in their moral values, norms, and culture. It’s a secular nation, religion and state do not interfere with the government however if you do get invited to the local home do not stop them from serving you a 6-course meal. That’s the Turkish way of doing it.

And taking of slippers when you enter a home is also common (yes, it does resemble Japanese culture) and you wear home slippers. But this tradition is more common in the middle class as compared to the elite class.

  • Follow Your Fashion Sense

If you think because it’s an Islamic country you need to dress moderately, then you need to think twice.

Women, especially, dress quite fashionably. If you are aware of Turkish on-air seasons you might get to see a variety of fashion walks entailing by the main female leads.  Women, especially, dress quite fashionably. If you are aware of Turkish media and film industry don’t be surprised by their fashionista wardrobes. That’s what actually made me do a thorough research on number of top rating dramas and movies.

There was a time when head covering (hijab) was essential but with time law changes and people are not forced to wear it anymore either. It’s a personal choice.

  • Learn The Language

Not many people in Turkey are familiar with English as you think. Despite being in international waters you need to learn basic Turkish phrases to help you get easily acquainted with the people here especially if you are planning to dine here and there it will come in handy as well.

People are generous and warm. Even if you get a wrong word they can help you learn better.

  • Past is History

With a vast history, you need to start at the very basics. Before becoming the Republic of Turkey it was part of Ottoman Sultanate, probably the largest of the Islamic ruling ever to be recorded. And the capital city of the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople, was changed into Istanbul during the reign. 

Learn about Mustafa Kemal Pasha, also known as Father of Turks who is responsible for the revolution in Turkey after the Sultanate reign ended.

Want to know more? Well google it or read through some solid sources. It’s always good to read about such places prior to their travelling.

Find your way through these steps and you are set for the holiday!