6 Strong Reasons To Build A Website With WordPress

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Do you know that you can build a website with WordPress in just about $100? It is one of the most popular website building tools in the world. A lot of existing owners convert HTML CSS to WordPress or migrate from other formats to the platform. Low cost of development is not the only benefit that attracts users towards the CMS. There are a lot of other advantages that they get to enjoy when they choose the platform. Let’s take a look at some strong reasons for choosing WordPress for creating a website.

1. Cost-effective Platform For Web Development

People can get a WordPress website by just paying for a domain name and hosting service. WordPress is an open source software meaning you can download its core files for free. The content management system has all the necessary components needed for creating an interface. You only need to pick and choose the desired elements to make your website. You can also hire a professional developer or agency to execute the project. The services of engaging professionals are also not too costly and will not burn a hole in your pocket.

2. Ideal For All Kinds Of Websites

You can build all kinds of interfaces with the open source platform. Whether a simple blog or a complex social network, everything can be built with the CMS. People also use it to create online stores for selling physical as well as digital products. In fact, the WooCommerce plugin which enables users to add a virtual outlet to a website is one of the most widely-used e-commerce solutions in the world. The open source CMS is an ideal tool for making all kinds of interfaces.

3. Wide Range Of Readymade Themes

Themes are pre-built templates which can be used to create a website. All these layouts contain the various sections of an interface with multiple styling options. Users can select their desired sections like homepage, blogs, about us, etc. They can customize the appearance of the layout according to their preferences. These readymade templates are divided into different categories based on major industries and occupation types. A theme belonging to a particular category will have all the necessary elements desired by that category’s users. This makes it easy for people to find a layout which will be suitable for their objectives. The templates are available for free as well as at a price. This means that you can find a theme to suit all kinds of budgets.

4. Facility To Extend Functionality Of Websites Through Plugins

Plugins are one of the biggest reasons to build a website with WordPress. These pieces of software allow users to add the desired functionality to their interfaces. You can find a plugin for almost every possible functionality in the world. Instead of writing complex programs, you only need to search for a suitable tool and install it on the website. From customizing the appearance to enhancing the security of the website, you can transform your interface quickly with the correct plugins. Just like themes, there are numerous free as well as paid plugins available to users.

5. Easy To Use And Understand

Another reason for the platform’s immense popularity is its uncomplicated nature. People do not need any programming knowledge or prior development experience for using the CMS. It has a simple and beginner-friendly user interface that does not require too much time for getting used to. A single, intuitive dashboard allows users to control the entire interface. They can access the editor from the dashboard to add or delete pages. They can customize each section of the interface through this control panel.

6. Support From A Vast Developer Community

You are bound to run into problems at some point of time irrespective of the convenient nature of the platform. However, there is no need to worry as a solution to most issues can be easily found over the internet. The open source nature of the CMS has led to the growth of a vast developer community. These users have enriched WordPress with their contributions in the form of themes, plugins, and solutions to numerous issues. In case, you do not find a solution on the official WordPress forum, you will definitely find one on any other virtual meeting ground of users.


These are just a few of the major reasons to build a website with WordPress. The open-source platform provides numerous other benefits like SEO-friendliness and mobile compatibility which help in the development of a powerful interface.

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