6 UI Design Trends For 2021

Emilly Leia

, Tech

There are new design trends every year, and knowing about them can help you stay competitive and increase your application’s chances of success. It would help if you didn’t use every design trend, as this will cause your application’s UI to look out of place and not appropriate. You need to choose the right design trend that will help to improve your app.

This article will go through the design trends in 2021 that you need to be aware of. Many top UI design companies have used these trends to help their clients give users a more significant and more appealing experience.

Vivid Colors

In 2021 more people are using vivid colors in their application’s design. These colors make the users feel strong emotions when they see them. These colors help differentiate the different UI elements within the application and make it easier for users to interact with them. This is becoming a popular UI design trend in 2021, and using it correctly and not overdoing it will help you get the positive results you are looking for.

Being Minimalist

This design trend has been popular for a long time, and it seems like it will always be popular. This is a popular design trend that can be a powerful way to make your application’s UI more attractive to users and make it easier for users to interact and use the application.

This design trend is all about keeping what is necessary and removing everything else. This will help to declutter your application and help you funnel users to the application’s key features. If you want to help give users the most excellent possible experience, this design trend is what you want to use.

What are the characteristics of the minimalism design trend? The main features can be seen listed here.

  • Clarity
  • Simplicity
  • Removing non-functional elements from the application
  • Making sure that every detail has a purpose
  • Ensuring there is enough space between elements

These are just a few of the essential characteristics that minimalist design trends have. It can be challenging to know exactly how these characteristics need to be used within your application and if you are finding it difficult, you should hire one of the top UX design consulting firms to help you. Using this design trend can improve your chances of success significantly, and this UI design trend will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

Unique Illustrations And Animations

Using different types of illustrations and animations will help your application stand out from the crowd and help you differentiate your application from the competition. Using animations will help emphasize certain parts of the application and draw the user’s attention to them. This can be useful to funnel users to the critical features of your application.

Using animations and unique illustrations will help to communicate your brand’s personality and message to users more efficiently. This will allow users to understand who you are, what you want to do, and why they should use your application and not the competition.

This is a powerful design trend, but it should not be overused. If you misuse it, the application will look cluttered, and it can quickly and easily confuse users and cause them to leave and start using the competition’s application.

Glass Morphism 

This style was widely used for a long time, and then people stopped using it. 2021 is the year it comes back, and it hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down in popularity. Many companies are using Glass Morphism to make their applications feel futuristic and new.

Using the design trend in the right places will help improve your application’s UI design and look. Adding this design trend can be difficult, so hiring one of the top UI design companies will help ensure that it is received well by users.


By now, you should have seen 3D elements being used in many different applications and UI designs. This is a popular feature that has been used for a while now, but it seems to be getting more attention in 2021.

There are many reasons to use the 3D UI design trend in your application. These reasons include creating eye-catching designs that will draw the users in and giving off a futuristic feeling that can help emphasize your brand’s messaging and voice.

As with many other design trends, this should not be overused. If 3D elements aren’t used correctly, then the design will look unprofessional and thrown together. If you want to use this trend correctly and receive great results, then you should hire an interaction design firm to help you.

Dark Mode

Dark mode has been popular for a long time, and everyone seems to be adding it to their applications. In 2021, more companies have integrated this design trend into their application to give users what they have been asking for. There are many advantages to using this design trend, and it’s not just about the look of the application.

Dark mode has been proven to improve the battery life of devices that are using it. Dark mode has also been proven to change how people are feeling and improve it. This design trend will emit less light from devices, and this will reduce the impact the app has on the user’s sleep, reducing eye strain.


Every year IU design trends change, and it can be difficult to predict what will be popular and what people don’t want to see anymore. As with every design trend, the more it is used, and the more saturation it has, the less popular it will become since everyone is using it. While this doesn’t happen with all design trends, it does happen to many of them. Using the right design trends for your application can help you improve your chances of success, and after reading this article, you now know the popular design trends being used in 2021.