6 Wise Ways to Deal with Uber Surge Pricing During Traffic Hours

Emilly Leia

, Entertainment

Been in situations where you’re running out of cash and booked the cab at higher fares is the most annoying thing to happen. Cabs these days are the simplest of option to commute to places in the local. Cabs not only save our time but also provide a pleasant ride experience. So, here we are not discussing the usages of cabs but the rise of pricing during peak traffic hours in some areas.

We know that Uber provides ride service hailing and peer-to-peer ridesharing facility to the masses. Recently, an upsurge in fee per ride is surprisingly haunting all its users. Sometimes, in a particular area due to higher demand for Uber services, prices tend to accelerate.  At these times, it becomes very difficult for a person to commute at a reasonable cost.

Some of the points which may help you cut down your Uber surge prices are:

  • Walk Some Blocks Away

Generally, according to Uber map listings, there are particular zones which come under high-alert.  The rising demand becomes variable to its fees. In such a case scenario, it is suggested to walk some blocks farther and to keep checking your Uber rates. Doing this will surely find some deduction in the amount.  Also, you will be taken aloof of the traffic zone.

  • Differentiate between Transportation

It is very important to notice that what all transportation types are available for service during surge times. Sit back and differentiate between the pricing available for different means of transport. For example, uber deals into cabs, taxis and bikes etc.  Find out that one suitable option rather than paying more than what’s required.

  • Wait for a few minutes

It has been calculated that the real time of any surge pricing situation is not more than 10 minutes. Relax and have a cup of coffee until the users demand relaxes down. If you’re not in that hurry, waiting is always a good option.  You can relatively pay the actual fair rates for your ride during peak hours.

  • Pay for Convenience

Some users coherently pay for convenience.  For once in a blue moon pay to unwind and not to hassle your mind with the hike. The rise in prices is not happening on a routine basis. Also, if you need to reach someplace on time and money is not a problem; stop bothering your peace of mind and take a comfortable ride.

  • Choose the Right Vendor

If you’re taking car service daily, understand the fact that you may have 2-3 options of ride-service application on your mobile phone. At times of higher rates, distinguish between the fares and choose the cheap one. Uber rates are generally lower than lyft and ola in the market. Uber focuses more on standard services and so it provides ride at reasonable rates.

  • Uber Coupons

Last but not least; get the benefit of exciting deals and discounts on Uber rides. Choose from a variety of deals this application provides to all its users. Simply know what are the terms and conditions of use and avail Uber perks. Uber coupons can be linked to some debit or credit card necessities. You only have to perform a few clicks away formalities to reach your destination on time and at cheaper fares.

Now make your ride a happy deal. Implement new ways to tackle inflating fees and make a stress-free tour. Turn your Saturday and Sundays into memorabilia of good events. Plan everything wisely keeping the pointers listed above in mind. Have a safe and sound ride.