7 Must Have Kitchen Equipments for Office Canteen

Running a professional kitchen is one of the hardest tasks across industries. It is also one of the most hardcore jobs in the hospitality industry. Out of all the different kinds of a commercial kitchen, an office canteen is one of the most interesting and challenging jobs. But it is made easy to do with the proper equipment. The right set of kitchen equipment is the key to a well-run professional office canteen. 

An office canteen is different from a full-fledged restaurant kitchen or even a cafe. They don’t usually cook food or have seated dining plans. Office canteens are known to cook quick dishes and serve a lot of customers at once. Hence, the equipment range also has to be modeled the same way. 

If you are looking to run an office canteen, you have to use the equipment listed below for smooth sailing. 

  1. Freezers and Refrigerators
    An office canteen serves a lot of pre-cooked food. They also make quick items like sandwiches, rolls, and burgers, etc. These items require a lot of cold storage requirements. So an office canteen needs to have the best freezer and refrigeration systems. This will help them keep the food fresh and ready to serve as per request. Refrigerators also play the role of vital kitchen equipment as they help keep staples like bread, cheese, milk, and soft drinks chilled for the customers. There are many industry-grade freezer systems available in the market as per different kitchen sizes. Office canteens should go for a mid-range freezer and refrigerator range for easy maintenance and optimized performance.

  2. Food Processors
    Most office canteens have some made-to-order juices or smoothies on their menu. These are one of the popular selling items for canteens everywhere. The challenge with this is to make many varieties in a short period. For this, all office canteens should be equipped with industrial-grade processors to handle the large volume of orders, especially at peak time. The advantage of using a food processor over a typical blender or juicer is that food processors are more versatile. You can use this kitchen equipment for mixing quick doughs, slicing vegetables for orders like salads, sandwiches, and rolls. Food processors can handle huge volumes in less time so you can get these done during prep or do the work as orders come in. Food processors can make your life easier and cut your service time in half. They also give uniform output improving the quality of your servings. 

  3. Sinks/ Dishwasher
    Probably commercial kitchens like office canteens are the only place where a big pile of dirty dishes is a happy sight. This means you had good service. But, it remains a happy sight only for a short time. The next biggest worry is getting them cleaned and ready before the next service starts. For an efficiently run office canteen, you need industry-grade dishwashers and good deep and wide sinks. Dishwashers can help you tackle items like cutlery, small cookware, and tableware. These are the high volume ones that take a lot of time to clean. Installing sinks in the dining area can also encourage your staff to clean their working tools then and there to avoid a pileup. You should always opt for deep single bowl sinks so that large cookware units can be deposited for cleaning in an organized manner. 

  4. Cooking Range
    Like we discussed before, an office canteen operates on a cooked food serving style and only some easy made-to-order dishes. Even for those dishes on your menu, you have to install the right kind of kitchen equipment for good service time. For an office canteen, the cooking range must have toasters, grillers, one or two stovetops depending on the traffic expected, and tea/coffee makers. This cooking range can help you handle all your lunch, dinner, and evening tea time rush. Even if the food is premade before service, you will need the cooking range to handle any custom orders or to make accompaniments. 

  5. Microwave
    Office canteens are known to get the most traffic during the evening tea times or morning breaks. This is the time when people order quick sandwiches, fries, and other snack varieties. A good microwave range that helps you warm up your premade snacks and to make sandwiches is a good arrow to keep in your armor. You must opt for a microwave range that has grilling and reheating modes to use in times of urgency. Commercial grade microwave units are designed in a way to handle large volumes of food. Position the microwave in such a way that it is easily accessible but has good ventilation.

  6. Service Line
    Office canteens are all about service. There are majorly two types of serving. Either you have a typical food display stand where your customers come and choose their order or you can have a menu display system and go with a traditional order system. Whatever may be the type you go for, an efficient service line is a key to success. The service line must have provisions for placing cutlery, display prices, and food serving to customers. It must be organized as per various categories in your menu so that you can avoid crowding and chaos. A traditional serving model needs a service line for serving orders to customers in a buffet style and handing out cutlery. 

  7. Ventilation Systems
    Whether you are a small office canteen or a full-fledge cafeteria operating company, you will be cooking, reheating, and frying items in a small enclosed space. This makes ventilation systems such as exhaust fans, chimneys, and hoods are important kitchen equipment to have. Customer experience, health, and safety are some of the parameters you cannot afford to ignore and a good ventilation unit is important for all of those. They keep the area smoke free and maintain the freshness in your food too. Choose a ventilation system in line with the cooking range installed. You must also consult the vendor to choose the right ventilation unit as per the space you are using.