7 Video Marketing Tips that will Skyrocket your Traffic

Emilly Leia

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Remember, as kids, and we would love to look at pictures in the books and skip the write-ups? Because that is how the human brain works, we love looking at visuals more than we prefer reading stuff. Similarly, on the internet, video content is far more engaging than a written blog. A five-minute short video that has engaging and to-the-point content will garner more views and traffic in comparison to a written piece.

That is the reason why video marketing is a fantastic way of increasing website views. If you are looking forward to marketing your brand through video content, we have some useful tips for making your content skyrocket traffic to your website.

  1. Make Your Content Engaging
    While every other thing may as well be crucial, content is always vital. Good content guarantees more viewership, and similarly, poorly structured content would instantly reject.

    Every day a whole lot of new content is introduced on the internet. Our attention spans have reduced to mere seconds due to this massive influx of more and more content to read, listen, and view. If a human brain does not find something appealing and attention-grasping in the first few seconds of the watch, they are likely to move to something better.

    And which brings us to the idea that your content needs to be to the point and should force the viewer to keep watching the video. The fact that you can grasp their attention can turn into traffic for your website and, subsequently, potential business.

    Don’t focus a lot on details; instead, give the information out as highlighted pointers. The human brain can absorb sorted information way better and quicker than a massive paragraph of scattered and detailed phrases. You can also get your videos transcribed and added to the description for a more well-rounded presentation of the information. But for that, you will either have to learn how to transcribe a video or hire a professional. 

    But the question is, how? First things first, avoid useless dragging and incorporate it to the point content. The first few seconds should make the viewer curious and excited about what they are going to find out later in the video. You would also have to add eye-catching visuals to attract the viewers and further, drive them to your webpage.

  2. Add A Hook
    Remember when you watched your favorite Netflix season and hooked to the screen for the entire night? Yes, that is what you need to do with your video content viewers. You need to make the best of that small attention span and hook them up to keep watching your video. Now, a hook can be anything from a thought-provoking scenario to a curiosity-building question, whatever you find fit. Still, the motive should always be to compel the viewer to keep watching. The hook should be added in the first few seconds of the video to make sure that the viewers stay glued to your content.

  3. Promote Your Content On Social Media
    A great way to market your video content is to promote it on social media. Almost everyone today is on one or the other social platforms. It is effortless to reach out and gather your target market through these platforms. You could promote your video content and eventually, your brand on these sites, which will massively increase your webpage traffic. But again, you must put forth the right content. Since users of social media platforms are often bombarded with a whole plethora of content, you must make your content stand out from others.

  4. Use Short Teaser Videos
    Scrolling through your Facebook homepage, what do you naturally do? Stop at posts and videos that seem catchy and attention grasping and watch them. Also, nobody likes to spend hours watching videos on their newsfeed. Viewers will only spend such time if they find the content useful and appropriate for them. Consequently, it would help if you kept this in mind. When marketing your video content, make sure you create teaser videos for social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. which you can backlink to the lengthier, original video. 

    However, for this, you will have to have top-notch content, which will create curiosity and entice the viewer to want to watch more. Short teaser videos give a brief, summarized version of what is in store. They are extremely helpful in creating curiosity among your viewers and, in turn, directing them towards the webpage to view the complete video.

  5. Think Less About Your Brand And More About The Viewer
    Now, one mistake we often end up making is focusing too much on selling ourselves rather than just putting out our best bet and letting the viewer decide if they want to choose us or not.

    The focus should always be on creating the best value for the potential customer and making it inevitable for them to accept your brand. Make the viewer see how your brand can make their lives better and add value to them. The more you successfully do that, the higher the chance that your content collects more traffic for your website.  

  6. Include The Videos In Your Email Marketing Campaign
    Statistics show that when marketers added videos in their email campaigns, click-through rates increased by 50%. That means adding your video content in your emails is likely to grow your webpage traffic successfully.

  7. Put Them On YouTube
    If you ask someone about the largest platform for videos today, everybody will name YouTube. It has a massive variety of videos from all categories, and a hoard of information is available for people to watch. If you are producing video content, make sure the viewers can easily find it on YouTube.

    You can also promote your content to make it more visible to users. It is a great way to focus on your potential customers and building your brand known to your target market. However, making yourself stand out in a storm of content is the tricky part. You will have to make sure that you focus on creating a catchy title, adding an attention-grabbing thumbnail, put up the right description, etc.

Video content is an excellent way to market your brand. It provides an effective means through which you can reach out to your viewers, attract them to your webpage, and turn them into potential customers. 

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