Everyone wants their PC or laptop to run at peak performance, whether it is brand new or an old one who could use a little help. However, the stellar performance of your computer fades away over time and slows down gradually or suddenly. It is at this time when PC system utility software is your saving grace.

Best system utility software

The computer operating system gets loaded with apps which are added and incompletely deleted now and then. Such actions leave behind drivers and other kinds of system detritus. Their hard drives get filled with forgotten files and programs build up the excessive cache. Eventually, the overloaded hard drive chokes the operating system while it tries to run efficiently. All of this leaves the PC sluggish and unresponsive.

Mentioned below is a list of the best tune up utility software:

Glary Utilities Pro


The PC system utility software is one of the leading PC tune-up utilities in the market. It boasts a wide variety of PC-enhancing tools. Glary Utilities Pro is the go-to software for heavily used PCs. It significantly improves system performance and has a user-friendly interface. The software enables the user to manage which programs launch when the PC boots. The tune-up software also has a secure built-in deletion tool and privacy protection features.

Symantec Norton Utilities

The Norton Utilities bundles a variety of tools that optimize the performance of a sluggish PC. The software offers real-time monitoring, Windows XP support, file recovery and shredding capabilities and charges zero subscription fee. The overall system performance is enhanced significantly.

SlimWare Utilities SlimCleaner Plus


It is one of the most user-friendly PC system utility software which has also been improved and updated to offer the beneficial Instant Alerts feature. It provides effective system cleaning, Windows 10-specific data protection, and community-based features. 

Anvinsoft Cloud System Booster


The Cloud System Booster is a highly effective system tune-up utility software. It offers multiple features and customization options. The Anvisoft Cloud System Cleaner offers a one-click tune-up capabilities feature which helps save time considerably. It has become a big favorite among various PC users over a short period.

AVG TuneUp

The AVG TuneUp utility software is a digital toolbox which improves a PC’s overall performance. It also offers a variety of handy bonus apps as well. The utility software enhances PC speed considerably and is comprehensive driver update software. The unlimited license offers performance enhancement within multiple PC households. It also has a Smart cloud-based software uninstaller and secure file shredder.

Iolo System Mechanic 

Iolo System utility software has been reigning as one of the best pc tune up utilities for quite a while. The package offers various tools which dig deep into your computer and defragment the hard drive. It repairs the registry and also performs multiple other performance-enhancing tasks. It provides unlimited licenses, privacy tools and backs up Windows 10 registry.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

The Ashampoo WinOptimizer system utility software offers an effective free version which successfully cleans Windows PC. It has been updated with an attractive user interface and provides the best pricing scheme across competing products. It is an efficient tune-up software which gives a Windows PC a brand new life. 

IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro

The IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro remarkably improves PC performance and offers a useful performance monitor widget. The Health Monitor provides system information at a single glance.  It has been priced very well and does what it is meant to do effectively. It rejuvenates a sluggish computer and makes it perform at a peak level.

Comodo PC Tuneup

The software is a highly effective system enhancer. It improves system performance with a one-click cleanup feature. It has no installation restrictions.


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