9 Professional Accountants in Dubai in 2020

Riya Sen

, Business

The main goal of every business is to make profits so that it can stand against competition and focus on expanding its prospects. This is something that can be achieved with the right kind of accounting and auditing expertise. The professional accountants in Dubai can provide you with competent knowledge when you are looking to boost your business. Hiring the support of a professional accountant company is vital when you want to manage your taxes or have all the accounting documents in perfect order. Whether it is the calculation of due diligence, carrying out internal and external audits, creating balance sheets, estimating business valuations, regular accounting, and bookkeeping, or making business plans, the accounting firms in Dubai can deliver you top-notch assistance that can be extremely beneficial for your business.   

It is important that you enhance your understanding of the various accounting companies operating in Dubai so that you can find a reliable service provider as this can be useful for your business. Here is a look at some of the best accountants serving in Dubai that can be of help to you and your enterprise.        

9 Top Accountants in Dubai

  • ACS Majdi Auditing of Accounts

    ACS Majdi Auditing of Accounts is a reliable and efficient accounting and auditing company in Dubai that regularly works with different kinds of corporate firms. The experts working with ACS Majdi Auditing of Accounts can help in managing the taxes of their clients so that they are always compliant with the Dubai tax laws. They can also perform internal audits so that their client firms can come up with better ways to manage their business and finances. As these experts have got great insight regarding the numerous critical aspects of accounting, the advisory support that they can offer are absolutely top-notch. This makes them one of the most reliable taxes and accounting experts in Dubai.

  • Alfa Management Consultancy FZE

    Alfa Management Consultancy FZE is a leading financial advisory company that offers guidance to companies looking to learn more about business risk factors, market demand and various forms of growth factors. They are well versed in the various facets of accounting and bookkeeping so that the clients can manage their finances efficiently. The skilled accountants at Alfa Management Consultancy FZE always make use of the latest accounting software and tools to make sure that a high level of accuracy is maintained at each and every step of the way. The efficiency and precision maintained by Alfa Management Consultancy FZE have made them a reliable provider of cutting-edge accounting solutions.   

  • Apex Auditing

    Apex Auditing is widely regarded as one of the finest accountants in Dubai with in-depth knowledge of the various facets of accounting. Whether it is managing the VAT taxes and compliance for clients, handling private equities, performing audits for their clients, or managing the core and advanced elements of accounting for their clients, the team at Apex Auditing always does a flawless job. They also offer detailed guidance and advisory services to their clients regarding accounting and management of finances, enabling them to focus on expanding their businesses further. Thus helping them to use their resources smartly and take advantage of the market opportunities.      

  • Coast Accounting & Auditing

    Coast Accounting & Auditing is a company that has been active since 1985, and over the years, they have developed a strong following of their services through their smart and efficient approach to their work. The professionals at Coast Accounting & Auditing can perform thorough auditing for their clients so that they can focus on improving and growing their business. They can also manage corporate finance with a high level of precision. With the high-quality VAT tax solutions offered by Coast Accounting & Auditing, the business firms in Dubai can be sure of the fact that all their financial requirements are managed in a smart and competent manner.   

  • Husain Alhashmi Zenith Auditing of Accounts

    Husain Alhashmi Zenith Auditing of Accounts is truly an authority in Dubai when it comes to dealing with matters pertaining to accounting and auditing. The company has been operating since 2009 and they have already managed the finances of numerous business houses over the years while maintaining a superior level of accuracy. Mr. Husain S. Al Hashimi is the visionary owner of this accounting firm. Based on the specific requirements of their clients, Husain Alhashmi Zenith Auditing of Accounts can offer customized accounting by making use of traditional methods as well as innovative IT solutions. The company has been dedicated to building lasting relationships with their clients from the very beginning. Whether it is tax or payroll, regular bookkeeping, or accounting paperwork, Husain Alhashmi Zenith Auditing of Accounts can deliver the best expertise. 

  • Puthran Chartered Accountants

    Puthran Chartered Accountants is a CA company in Dubai that was launched in 1987. The company has always been dedicated to assisting clients in Dubai who are looking to expand their growth and overall financial profitability. The company is known to help clients to reduce costs, make use of their resources in a profitable manner, boost performance thereby having an edge over the competition. Puthran Chartered Accountants work with clients in different fields such as shipping, healthcare, manufacturing and fabrication, advertising, financial services sector, trading, business consulting and retail industry. Apart from offering auditing and accounting expertise to their clients, Puthran Chartered Accountants also excels in UAE company formation, business advising, and consultancy, budgeting and forecasting as well as company liquidations which can benefit all their clients.

  • H A Y Management Consultants

    H A Y Management Consultants is an extremely proficient company of financial accountants and auditors that have been delivering stellar solutions to their clients for many years now. There is always a strong demand for the financial support offered by H A Y Management Consultants and therefore they are always prepared to fulfill the working challenges presented by their clients. Over the years, they have always kept themselves updated regarding the changes and developments in the financial service industry, thereby helping them to meet the expectations of their clients. All of their expertise is priced in a way that even small and medium-sized businesses can afford them.      

  • Hussain Al Shemsi Chartered Accountants

    Hussain Al Shemsi Chartered Accountants is an industry leader in Dubai when it comes to auditing of accounts and preparation of tax files and papers. The company works closely with client firms and helps them to find better ways of managing their finances. The consulting and advisory solutions provided by Hussain Al Shemsi Chartered Accountants can help a company to improve its business prospects even in tough market conditions. Some of the areas in which Hussain Al Shemsi Chartered Accountants have rich experience include internal audits, external audits, concurrent auditing, payroll processing, bank reconciliation, accounting supervision, due diligence, and others. All the financial consultants and experts working with Hussain Al Shemsi Chartered Accountants have many years of experience and they can deliver all-round assistance for various kinds of accounting requirements.    

  • M&M Al Menhali Auditing 

    M&M Al Menhali Auditing is a well-known name in accounting that has been a CPA Associates International member for a long time. Founded in 2001, they have a team of 25 experienced accountants who have already handled hundreds of clients with varying accounting requirements. M&M Al Menhali Auditing works frequently with businesses belonging to all kinds of sectors such as media, oil and gas, automobile manufacturing, advertising, real estate, tourism, lifestyle and pharmaceuticals just to name a few. By maintaining a precise and efficient method of handling accounting tasks, M&M Al Menhali Auditing can offer stellar financial accounting results for their clients.

  • Majed Al Shamsi Auditing

    Majed Al Shamsi Auditing is one of the most well-known accounting firms in Dubai that has been delivering top of the line accounting services to business firms for a number of years now. Founded by Majed Al Shamsi who has an in-depth understanding and experience regarding all facets of accounting and auditing, Majed Al Shamsi Auditing is thoroughly dedicated to offering the highest quality accounting that can improve the efficiency of all kinds of business firms. Majed Al Shamsi Auditing offers VAT accounting so that companies can always remain VAT compliant. Other areas in which Majed Al Shamsi Auditing excel are corporate advisory and thorough tax law advisory.  

Wrapping Up

Consulting a team of accountants in Dubai is the first step that you need to take when you want to achieve major success with your business. These companies can help you to have better control over your finances so that you have no problem dealing with any emergencies that might come your way. A leading online business directory like Atninfo can really simplify your search when you are trying to find a reputable accounting company to manage all your accounting requirements.