9 Tips to Check Before Choosing a Generator Suppliers

Riya Sen

, Business

Generators are a widely used source of power generation across the world. Different types of generators are used in manufacturing industries, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, offices, shopping malls, and residential complexes as well. They are sometimes also used as the primary source of power generation in oil rigs and other offshore platforms. Customers today can have their pick of generators with major brands producing a variety of products such as diesel generators, petrol generators, solar generators, and hybrid generators. 

As important as it is to choose the right type of generator, choosing the right generator supplier is also equally important. In most cases, the relationship with the generator supplier is a long-standing one so it is not an easy decision to make.

We are here to share some tips with you to choose the right generator supplier for your power generation needs. 

  1. Technical Expertise
    If you look at a typical generator sales transaction, the vendor is first called upon to first survey the area/building and provide his feedback. Generator suppliers must be equipped to provide technical feedback on generator requirements as well as installation procedures. You must always check if the company has an engineer/technical expert in his team to provide the right feedback. When selecting a generator supplier for a large scale industry such as manufacturing, commercial construction, and hospitality it is best to choose a supplier with a dedicated technical team. 

  2. After-Sales Service
    Generator suppliers must not stop at just supplying the generator set but must also be dedicated to providing efficient customer service. Generators require post-sale services such as attending generator downtime, fuel leakages, and any other breakdowns. A quick and flexible service team is required to attend all urgent service calls. It is best to choose a generator supplier with a dedicated service team and a 24×7 standby generator for emergencies. These features can separate regular suppliers from the leaders in the market. 

  3. Product Ranges
    Like we mentioned earlier, the relationship between a generator supplier and the client has a long term nature. While onboarding a generator supplier, one must analyze their production and supply capability. The ideal supplier must have a wide product range so that you do not have to look for a new supplier if you need a different model at some time. You must find a supplier who can supply everything from a portable generator to an industrial-grade variety. They must also have a supply pipeline from various brands so that you are not limited by their supply capabilities to make a brand choice. 

  4. Repair and Maintenance Contracts
    A good generator supplier must add a repair and maintenance contract in their initial bid itself. A generator needs timely maintenance and the best person to handle the maintenance of the generator is the installation team. Suppliers who are willing to go the extra mile in handling the repair and maintenance issues show that they value long term associations. You can depend on them to provide trusted service and quality products. You will also save a lot of money by signing up with suppliers for 5-year or 10-year maintenance contracts upfront. 

  5. Market Feedback
    This is a very important factor in choosing the right generator supplier. To truly understand the credibility and reliability of the vendor, you must collect customer feedback from their previous and existing customers. This will tell you whether the supplier lives up to all their promises or not. Also, you can check their reputation among other vendors as it will reveal how they do business. A good standing in the market and customer bases exhibits the ethics and business policies of the supplier. 

  6. Value Add Services
    Installing a generator is heavy work. There is a lot of electrical work to be done beforehand to ensure that the wiring systems are compatible with the generator. You also have to do some construction works such as generator bed, shed, and sound enclosures if applicable. A good and trusted generated supplier would act as a one-stop-shop for all these services. Even if they do not have teams with them, they would connect you with other vendors for the work. This will help you negotiate the whole contract as one. Also, whenever there is a requirement you can trust them to take up the whole project and save you the pain of working with many people. 

  7. Standards and Compliance
    There are many regulations and codes to be followed while installing and operating a generator. Most facilities do not have a full-fledged maintenance or operations team to take care of such details. It is then the responsibility of the vendor to educate the ground staff on the different regulations in place. For this, you must choose a supplier who is aware of these standards and compliance and is willing to work following them. This is a very important factor which can save a lot of money and hassle for you in the long run. 

  8. Location
    While selecting a supplier, you can choose a vendor who is closeby or has worked with people in the same locality. This is so that he is easily accessible in case of any issues with the product and also to save any logistical charges that may apply. If he is a supplier who operates in the area you are located in, you can choose that person as a long term vendor without any concerns. However, you can check if he is willing to work in different locations if that suits your business. 

  9. Certifications
    Generators are extremely expensive items to purchase and maintain as well. While choosing a generator supplier, you need to look at his qualifications and quality parameters as much as the generator itself. Most people tend to check the generator manufacturer quite thoroughly for quality certificates, ISO certifications, and licenses, etc but miss checking the supplier. You must also the suppliers’ credentials to avoid any mishaps. The supplier must possess quality certificates, government authorization, work permits, and operational licenses to be deemed credible. Irrespective of the scale of the project, this is an important criterion to choose the right supplier. 

Choosing the right supplier can have long term business implications for your organization. It will have an impact on your operation, maintenance, and purchase budgets as well. We hope you will follow our tips and choose the best generator supplier for your needs.