A Quick Overview of ‘Redesigning a Website’ Steps

Riya Sen

, Tech

For the success of any business nowadays, it is quite imperative to get an aesthetically impressive, highly informative, functional and easily navigable website.

No one is having enough time and patience to stop and wait for slow loading pages to respond. And if it is about outdated information or price, you are probably losing out the potential customers. Worst case of all is the error page that says “Page Not Found”- a complete image destroyer.

As we all know that the world of small businesses is overly competitive and if your website is not properly done, people won’t take much time to skip on another option and remove your business from the radar completely. It is not about website design in terms of how it looks only; it is more about how it functions. Hence, you should be mindful about some common pitfalls before you put your hard-earned money for website redesign process or in a completely fresh web design through an outsourcing firm.

Here’s the list of 5 key pitfalls for your reference so that you can avoid glitches in the final outlook of your company’s or business’s image affront potential customers:

1) Research Prior Entering a Contract

You must spare some time for the thorough research of the solution providers before signing any agreement. You might need a designer, or a developer, or simply a combination depending upon the specific needs you have. Make sure you have an exact idea of their capabilities before hiring them as your team. You can ask them website addresses for which they have worked earlier to have more clear insight about their working style.

2) Outline Your Requirements Bold

It would be silly to expect that developers or designers can read your mind and structure what you need instantly. You should consider giving some time for clearly detailing about your hopes with the project and what exactly you need. Also, make them clear about the budget limitations you have so that a realistic approach can be made from yours as well as their side.

3) Go Local

Go for the local service providers instead of an offshore one as they can end up costing you more. Quite-a-possible time differences may lead to improper communication and your website redesign timelines would exceed. Hiring services in local allow reviewing the project progress at every stage and you can easily suggest new additions as well.

4) Don’t Dig Deeper

If your website is sophisticated, it would be best to hire a dedicated professional to look after your project. He/she will take care of entire project communication with the developer(S) and keep a check on the progress of the project. You can stay updated about the project without spending the whole of your time into it. And, the saved time can be utilised for focussing on the core business activities.

5) Be Reasonable (Realistic)

Simply because you have seen an aesthetically appealing or smoothly functioning website, yours cannot be created easily or for a low price. You should make all your expectations clear to the designer or developer. Make sure you are keeping a balance with budget and requirements of functionality in your project. If you want to create the top-notch user experience, you should be willing to make such an investment.

Also, consider the SEO thing here. If it’s a fresh website, SEO can be done from the scratch. But for the existing ones, make sure your service provider can redesign website without losing SEO as it takes enough good time to grab good traffic.

Therefore, website redesigning is not an easy task to accomplish. You need to make a comprehensive approach to making a standout appearance with an aesthetically appealing and functioning website in the online market.

Author Bio:- Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company which provide best ios app development and Android app development Services.