Advantages of Renting Paying Guest Accommodation over Apartments in Bangalore

Riya Sen

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Bengaluru is one of the most popular IT cities in India which lies in the Karnataka state. The city is surrounded by numerous tourist places and that is why you will find many foreigners here as well. Some of the non-Indian residents are mesmerized by the beauty, culture, and vibe of the city that may of them have already started investing in Bengaluru. According to the statistics, the property holders are 35% foreigners of the total property in the city. Well, there are numerous reasons for settling or coming to Bangalore but what remains consistent and important is the residential place to live in. It is considered that paying guest accommodations are way more beneficial than apartments to rent in an expensive metro city like Bangalore. Also, there are abundant.

Why Bangalore is an Ideal City to Live?

Bangalore is an IT Hub located in the southern parts of India. It also consists of all the top-notch graduate and undergraduate schools. All the IT Startups, business setups are present in the very city. You name a small start-up to a multinational company. Bangalore has covered it all. This is the prime reason for most of the people migrating from different cities to come and live here. Talking about the other aspects, the weather remains very calming and soothing. It does not get extremely cold or hot in the peak seasons. You will have moderate weather with lots of rain showers. Talking about the entertainment, you may find a lot of night clubs and restaurants open late in the night. From shopping street clothes till expensive brands there are all. Here are some of the best places to visit in Bangalore – 

  1. Ulsoor Lake
  2. MG Road
  3. Commercial Street
  4. UB City mall
  5. Nandi Hills
  6. Bull Temple
  7. Lal Bagh
  8. Bangalore Palace
  9. Wonderla Amusement Park
  10. Vidhana Soudha

These were some of the famous places in Bangalore to visit. There are many food cuisines that you will get to try while living here. Since the staple food is rice, you should try dosa, idli, and other south Indian dishes which are authentic and delicious. Mysore pak as a desert is very famous there and you will find it different. The real estate sector is also doing good in numbers so in case you wish to invest your money in residential properties, then your capital stays in safe hands. There are many paying guest in Bangalore, in case you are willing to rent an affordable space for yourself.

Where to exactly find accommodation in Bangalore?

Bangalore is a very large city not only in terms of area but also in the population. Even if you are unaware of the city, you should know the targeted area. By the targeted area, it is meant by the place where your office, school, the institute is located, and you need to visit it daily. Since the city is overly crowded it is very difficult to even travel 10 kilometers in the traffic hours and reach the destination on time. Here are a few areas that you can still check-in for and consider as good localities with strong commute – 

  1. Jayanagar
  2. Koramangala
  3. Ashok Nagar
  4. White Fields
  5. HSR Layout
  6. Rajaji Nagar 
  7. Ulsoor
  8. Richmond Town
  9. Indiranagar
  10. Marathahalli

Apart from these suggestions, pg in Electronic city is also very famous, sound and safe. To search for a pg, you can easily rely on the online sources which are free and trusted. To hire an external agent may create a hassle for you as you will have to physically visit each site and pay people way more. Online you can compare, decide, and then go for a visit. You can easily extract the number of the owner and talk to him directly without the presence of brokers. 

Advantages of renting a pg over an apartment in Bangalore

Living in a pg is always inexpensive compared to living in an apartment especially in this city. Talking about the average cost of a paying guest in Bangalore for double sharing costs around 5000 bucks monthly which is very cheap. The starting is this much and can increase according to the facilities and area provided. A basic pg consists of – bed, fan, wardrobe, food, attached washroom, cleaning services, washing machine, and a fridge. It comes in twin, triple, or four sharing options. Here are some advantages for renting a pg over an apartment – 

  1. You do not have to worry about bills such as – electricity bill, water bill, maintenance etc. It is usually included in your rent only. All you must do is monthly rental transfers to your owner and then you can concentrate on other things.
  2. It is obviously inexpensive than living in an apartment. The initial security deposits are very high and then monthly rents also have difference. Then you will have to furnish the cost so overall budget you need higher if you aim to live in an apartment.
  3. You need not have to worry about bringing the groceries and preparing the food as it is included in your stay and rents so hence you are not responsible for this department as well.
  4. Overall the responsibilities are less on your head such as – cleaning, water storage, food, groceries, security, maintenance, washing dishes etc. 

So, if you are a student or tight on budget then paying guests in Bangalore is a very good option for you. Fewer responsibilities and monthly costs are beneficial. If you are looking safety-wise, mostly pg in the city have CCTV cameras installed with proper restrictions on the timings and visits. Searching for a pg to rent is not difficult just have some patience. You will find a good neighborhood and pg in Electronic city if you are looking in both the ways. You can save a lot if you rent a place near your office or college.

Bangalore is a very expensive city so be it travel or an apartment or renting a pg is comparatively higher than other cities in India but so are the wages given to employees. Before renting a place for yourself do not forget to compare the areas, facilities, and rent. Do a thorough check and you can do some negotiations if it can save even 500 bucks a month for you. There are abundant options and if you compare you will be having many choices to select so don’t be afraid to search and dig a little deeper.