Air Conditioners Vs Air Coolers in 2020 Reviews

With summer months fast approaching in India, you may be looking to find a perfect solution to tackle the extreme heat. And while looking for such solutions, you may stumble upon the dilemma of choosing between an air cooler and an AC.

An air conditioner is the ultimate solution to beat the heat but is an expensive investment. On the other hand, an air cooler is the most affordable solution to manage scorching days, but it may not work in extreme humidity and fail in coastal areas.

Thus, which is the best solution – a Haier AC or other branded model or an air cooler of a branded company? Let’s know more in this quick post!

Air Conditioners Vs Air Coolers

  1. Air coolers are affordable than AC’s
    If you are budget-bound and don’t want to spend more by investing in an AC, then you can go for an air cooler. It is because the price of an air cooler in India starts only at Rs.5,000. On the other hand, buying a 1 Ton Haier AC or any other will cost at least Rs.25,000. On the other side, if it talks about electricity bills, all we know is that air conditioners raise it higher. Using an air cooler will let you save upto 80% more electricity than air conditioners. Thus, opting for an air cooler is an affordable mode to beat the heat.

  2. Air coolers don’t need installation
    Air coolers come with no hassles when it comes to installing them compared to an AC. You only need to fill the water tank, plug in the chord and press the power button to start experiencing cool air. On the other hand, an AC needs to be installed, which may take time, along with some wear and tear in your room. The wiring of your room also needs to be durable to take its load; else even separate wiring may take time and increase your expense. When it comes to shifting from one corner to another corner, the air cooler can be shifted easily. While Air conditioner will be needed to bolt out. Which will be a time taking process and you will also need to call an expert to manage it’s re-installation.

  3. Air coolers need continuous filling of water in the tank
    You can simply switch on the AC and start to call it a day. It will work to keep the room cool, and your sleep won’t be disturbed. Air coolers, on the other hand, will need you to fill the water tank regularly if you want to sleep without disturbance. Many times, you may have to wake up during your sleep to find that you are sweating due to heat. It may be because the air cooler’s water has dried up and it is blowing hot air. You will need to get up in the dead of night to fill the water to continue going back to sleep. Also, the water capacity of air cooler may not be sufficient to last an entire night. Hence, you may have no option than to wake up daily to fill water at least once. It may irritate you and affect your next day.

  4. Air coolers consume lower power units
    Compared to an AC, an air cooler can save upto 80% electricity. It will require 35-40% less power units to operate monthly. A 1.5 ton AC will consume about 1.2 to 1.5 units per hour while air cooler will only consume 0.2 to 0.3 units per hour. So when you will have an average rate you will find that an AC is required three to seven times more power. It means paying up a hefty electricity bill every month, which may hurt your expenses. On the other hand, an air cooler’s cost of operation may still be manageable. But with this it will be suggested to go for branded air coolers, as these have copper component quality which results in best cooling and lower consumption of electricity over the local brand air coolers supports aluminum component.

  5. Air coolers are ineffective on a humid day and in coastal areas
    It is because an air cooler takes outside air to pass it via water-soaked pads to cool down your room. On a muggy day and in coastal areas, the outside air already has increased level of humidity and doesn’t have space for extra water. In short just because of 70-80% humidity in coastal areas, air already contains a water vapour in higher percentage. Which makes the working of air cooler ineffective? Hence, an air cooler may fail in such environmental conditions. An AC will continue to work wonders and keep your room comfortable to relax.

Wrap Up

Air Conditioners Vs Air Coolers – these were some of the differences between an air cooler and an AC. You can now analyze each factor as per your needs and budget and then decide whether to go for an AC or an air cooler.