All you need to Know about Dekton Worktops


On the lookout for a sturdy, durable, and long term product for your kitchen worktop surface. Turn to Dekton worktop surfaces, which offer you the look and appeal of quartz countertops with an added layer of strength and durability.

Of late, Dekton worktops have been making waves in the construction and interior design circuits. Dekton worktops are considered as one of the most low-maintenance worktop materials available in the market today. A long-term product, which is engineered to last, Dekton worktop surfaces enhance the strength and durability of standard quartz worktops significantly.

What Exactly is Dekton?

In the market since 2013, Dekton worktops have only recently started attracting homeowners. Dekton is engineered out of a blend of raw materials like natural quartz stones, glass and porcelain. These materials are compressed and fused under very high pressure through a process called sintering. The result is a fused material, which is compact and dense. 

Benefits of Dekton Worktops

If you are considering choosing Dekton London worktops, here are some benefits you stand to reap from your choice.

1. Dekton Worktops are completely fireproof

Dekton is manufactured by a company called Consentino and is completely fireproof. This scorch resistant property makes the worktop a great option for busy kitchens. You can place hot pots or skillets directly on the worktop surface without worrying about it getting scorched or cracked, something which is very common with other worktop surfaces like laminates and natural stones.

2. Dekton worktops are resistant to stains

Dekton worktops are resistant to stains as it is impervious to moisture. This makes it easier to clean the worktop surface which will not stain no matter what you drop or spill on it. This includes, but is not limited to red wine, soy sauce, vinegar, lemon, black beans, etc. The worktop surface does not require sealing to resist stains as well.

3. Dekton Worktops are resistant to scratches

Dekton worktops enjoy scratch-resistant properties thanks to their density. There is no need to worry about scratches which may form by cutting directly on the surface or sliding heavy pans across the worktop surface.

4. Dekton Worktops are great for book matching

Dekton London worktops can be made available in more than 50 colours distributed through 7 different design collections. The best part of this is that book matching is possible with Dekton worktop surfaces wherein you can line up the grains and patterns on the individual slabs to create a uniform, seamless pattern across the worktop surface.

5. Dekton Worktops come in matte finishes

When compared to glossy worktop surfaces which can reflect overhead lighting, Dekton is available in a matte sheen finish which mimics the natural, luxurious look of concrete. The non-reflective surface also minimizes glare caused by overhead lighting.

6. Dekton Worktops are suitable for outdoor use

Unlike other countertop materials like quartz, marble or granite, which show signs of wear and tear under prolonged exposure to the sunlight, Dekton worktops are resistant to UV rays and thus, can be used outdoors as well. 

Price of Dekton Worktops

When compared to quartz, marble and granite, Dekton’s worktops are less expensive. The higher range of Dekton worktops can match quartz and granite countertops in their costs. When compared to the costs related to maintenance, sealing and resealing, Dekton worktops can figure out to be much cheaper than their counterparts.

The cost of Dekton worktops for residences and commercial establishments will depend on a few factors like:

The number of holes and cuts required: How many holes or cuts would have to be made on the worktop surface for faucets and sinks, etc.

The number of seams required: The cost of a Dekton London worktop would increase if you want a single slab without any seams for the entire countertop. If you are ok with adding some seams on the surface, the worktop would cost less.

The choice of patterns and colours: Although Dekton worktop surfaces are available in full-body colours, the price of the worktops can increase based on the colour, pattern, or texture you choose. Solid coloured worktops cost less than patterned and textured ones, with unique patterns costing more.

The thickness of the slab: Thicker, denser slabs can cost more when compared to thinner ones. In addition to saving you money, a thinner slab will also blend seamlessly with the kitchen décor and provide a minimalist design.