All You Should Know about Fuel Saver System – Is It Truly Worthful?

Maria Lena

, Tech

The industrial revolution brings a huge change in human life. From riding block car to an expensive car that can travel a hundred kilometers per hour. They bring new methods of transportation and discover new machines, which left a positive impact on humans. 

With the curiosity of making human life easier, this led to exploring the different types of fuels like fossil fuel. There are many other energy sources available like petrol, diesel, and kerosene. But people forget one thing that fossil fuels are not renewable, once they exhaust, you will never able to regain it. 

It is surprising to know that everyday there are thousands of new vehicles add and using the fuel to a larger extent. And it is predicted by a scientist that this fossil fuel is presently available for about fifty years and fuel resource is getting exhausted faster as compare to others. It is hard to imagine a life without any vehicle but it is a harsh truth. If human continuously wasting the fuel, then one day all these bad dreams turn in to reality. 

To make energy-efficient vehicles, the automobile industry is continuously working hard on them. And you may have an electric vehicle like Tesla car which is totally operated on electricity and with quite a good efficiency. But those who already owned a car may not prefer to buy a new one. You do not have to worry because there is a solution, which can help you to consume less energy resource i.e. FUEL SAVER SYSTEM

You might be wondering to know more about it. And this is the reason why we have mentioned everything about it in this blog. Let’s initiate the process…

What is the fuel saver system?

It is introduced especially considering those people, who forget to switch off their engine when the traffic is halting. In a study, it is found that most of the fuel is wasting due to negligence of chauffeur or driver. This is the reason why the fuel saver system was introduced and it brings a revolution in the automobile industry. 

How does it work?

It works on radio frequency transmitting and receiving the technique. In this, they communicate through messages, which decide whether the engine should be turned on or off. Suppose you stand in traffic halt and after a few seconds, the engine will automatically turn off. And you can simply turn on with a clutch. This will not only optimize the fuel usage but it will reduce the noise as well as air pollution too. You might be thinking how can you put this into practice? Let understand this…

How you can fit this in your car?

All this system is to work with the help of a microcontroller. How? Every vehicle whether it is a car, bike or truck, must have RF (radio frequency) receiver and microcontroller. Make sure each traffic signal or halt where you see pole also has a microcontroller with a transmitter circuit. This pole will send transmit the lane id, then lastly at each traffic halt. 

Again, transmitter and microcontroller circuits continuously send the lane id (it is basically a frequency), which will happen for a few seconds. Once they receive the signal, the engine will automatically switch off. 

How it actually works?

Engineers have spent a lot of time to reduce the time response. Sometimes it happens that microcontroller takes too much time to response, which creates a problem. But after a certain change, everything becomes perfect. 

Now let’s have a look at how it actually works when you stand at some halt. As we discussed that every lane has its unique ID. When you enter into lane, your vehicle’s microcontroller matches the lane id, which is transmitted through the transmitter. 

If the vehicle microcontroller matches with lane transmitter frequency, then the engine will automatically stop if it is ON state. It includes both hardware and software to operate. 

There are few cons of such a system, let’s have a look at them… 

  • A signal cannot travel a long distance 
  • It may happen that in front of your vehicle some heavy vehicle is standing, then it will block the signal
  • You cannot add attractive features to it because of limited memory space. 

You can ignore these flaws in the system. It may create a problem but not every time. Overall, the fuel saver system plays an important to save essential fuel. Everyone who owns a vehicle must install it and funding for the installation should not be a problem. You need financial assistance to rely on Installment loans available for bad credit people from direct lenders without considering your past credit history. Many big companies like Tesla, Audi, and Mercedes are still working hard to introduce a better and more effective version of it.