API Integration Guide: What Is The Process To Use An API

Riya Sen

, Tech

People pertaining to the web development industry have definitely heard the term API. Noobs, as well as tech-savvy always, ask questions that are related to API integration, API platform, etc. Tackling API problems, like how to make an API call and similar such issues, can be daunting. The knowledge of APIs will simplify as well as strengthen the development; even, it will accelerate the whole process. Developing APIs will be mutually beneficial for you and your clients.

API stands for an application programming interface. It is an interface that communicates with the program for you. APIs don’t make you re-invent the whole process. APIs have been playing an important role in today’s time for development, and web developers should know the whole process.

There are many benefits of using API. It will allow the use of existing logic or parts; therefore, you don’t need to formulate or write. In some cases, developers cannot code. In an attempt to save time and achieve the best results, developers must know about the application of API.

  • Actions to take through API

The concept of API can be understood by the example of two talking computers. The server has data and the client request service in the specific format which is used for the data retrieval. We are going to discuss the different actions taken by API.


It helps request data directly from the server.


It is used for adding or sending changes to the server.


It helps add information to the existing one.


It is used to delete information.

The use of endpoints with the above-given actions help amend changes over an API. For example, updating or searching for information. The action coding can be done by checking the API documentation.

Now, we are going to cite the ways to request through the server.


HTTP stands for hypertext transfer protocol. The use of HTTP directs you to some specific sites. This is one of the easiest ways to access information or data, but the format gained is not simple due to excessive information requests.

Text Formats

XML and Jason are the main languages used to access data over APIs. You will have to look through the XML and JSON code to fetch the detailed information from the server. 

  • How to Use APIs

Most of the APIs help move information from one program to another of the same field. The application eliminates the necessity of sharing the same information. For example, the case of sharing leads between the marketing platform and CRM.

Steps for the API process

1. Most of the APIs need an API key. To gain access to the document, you can use the API. You will have to go through sign-in options like verification through Google account. Then, you will be provided a unique string or set of letters and numbers while accessing the API. This type of access has limited the use of traditional signing methods like email and password, which were not very secure.

2. To start using an API, you will have to find the HTTP client. For example, REST-client. The tool help implement the use of existing APIs with API keys. The knowledge of syntax is still required but you can implement further process only using the little coding knowledge.

3. Apart from the above basic techniques, you can also follow this strategy. Pulling the data from API can be done easily by creating a URL from the documentation i.e. existing API. You will have to extract data from Google maps with the help of API. Now, you can find photos from the social media platform like Instagram by using the coordinates.

The look of API does not show much deviation from the general browser URL, but computers easily understand the backed data form.

API has been playing an important role in extracting information from another program. API communicates with the program, therefore you don’t require expert knowledge of the language. This has become possible with the help of API. The API management platform and API integration platform have become essential for enterprise systems, as they are helping in processing requests and guaranteeing seamless tasks or functions. Having knowledge of documentation reading and request writing will help gain data. Here, developers help in displaying data for browsers or apps, as it is difficult to parse such amount of data.