Basic Elements Web Design for Small Businesses

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Small businesses looking to get a head start when they are trying to enter the Marketplace. It is always challenging for new companies to have a good start for small businesses and startups; this can be a real test of their nerves. Many different factors are involved in getting an excellent online presence, an important one because much of the business nowadays is done online. And good graphic design is the basis on which companies can attract their target audience towards their website. 

Starting a business in Dubai is a dream for many aspiring businessmen and young entrepreneurs. Because it is a highly saturated market, there are many opportunities for everyone to start a business. But the negative aspect is that competition is cutthroat and new entrants in the market feel the brunt right from the first day. That’s why their online presence is critical, to say the least.

How to Start Web Design for Small Businesses?

If you have an idea that designing for a small business is not a very difficult thing to do, you have to go through the basics of it to know more about it. Web designing is a very complex process even if you are making a simple website with just 5 or 6 pages. Just for the landing and home page, you need to come up with the design, which is on par, if not good, then most of the websites of your competitors. 

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Web design is primarily about how to make things look attractive for the target audience. You can get a great design by contacting a web design company experienced in this. But for small businesses, some things are more important than just mere design.

Take a look at the aspect of a domain name, which is not directly related to design, but you need to think about it as it can offer you excellent support as it is not the design but the domain name that your target audience will come across.

That’s why some information about it is given below. 

  1. Domain Name
    A domain name is very important for small businesses as they need to register a website on which users can log in. Known as the website address, businesses need to be pretty sure about precisely what domain name they are about to choose and to avoid some common mistakes in this concern. 

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    First of all, spelling error is one of them. Consider not using phrases, written terms, and confusing words. Words like “kwik” instead of quick looks cool but are you sure that your target audience will remember this spelling and not the original one? If not, please don’t bother going for this mistake and stick to the common spelling. 

    Keeping the domain name short is also one of the few errors most of us commit. Don’t create a domain name like Instead, go for or for more impact as these URLs are easy to understand.

    Also, don’t use numbers and hyphens in the URL. Again, keeping it simple can be a great way to make things work for you. Try to use a name that is unique but keep in mind the “kwik” example. Uniqueness doesn’t have to be changed in spelling which looks immature. For a professional website offering apparel to the customers, you need to be on song for making things perfect for you with a name that works well for your brand. 

  2. Use Design to Show you are a Professional 
    To make every visitor on your website, especially the target audience know who you are, and what you do, not just content is the only thing you can use. The design is also one of the factors in this concern so that you can use it to your advantage. What can you do with this concern? Let’s start by explaining to your visitors some necessary information. 

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    Use of clear, bold and big images on your landing page and homepage is a good ploy. If you are selling apparel that you need to target, there are several ways to display the best pieces you got in this concern. While some of you may argue that videos can prove more beneficial here, the use of images from different angles can make any dress look aesthetically good. We will get back to videos later in this blog.

  3. Apt Use of Banners
    The use of accompanying banners on your web portal may seem a bit outdated, but you can use them to lure your target audience. Banners are not just for showing pictures or moving images. You can use them to display text, like a great offer or discounts that are about to be unleashed. You need to think of ways to use the banners and placing them perfectly is one of them.

    If you think that placing a banner only on the left or right will work, it can backfire as some users may not have that screen resolution or any problem they may experience on their screen so that they won’t be able to see them. That’s why the best place to place the banners is on top of the page as this is where all the visitors to a website start using the page. 

    You can also use some text in the banner to explain who you are and what the visitors can expect from the website. 

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  4. Use of Menus and Footer Navigations
    If you think that making good graphics and use of videos will be enough and there are no other aspects to look forward to, go through this point. There are many reasons for which a menu is what you need to offer all the information about your website. The use of a hamburger menu is used on many sites and perhaps one of the best ways to hide information on your page. 

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    Use of footer to again display some links that you displayed on the top like about us, why choose us and links to special discounts is an excellent way to remind your visitors that the pages mentioned above are important.

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