Benefits And Configurations Of Pallet Racking And Shelving For Your Warehouse

Riya Sen

, Tech

Pallet racking is the racking system in which pallets are placed as racks. Pallets are heavy and strong, and therefore they can hold very heavy objects on them very easily. They are the ultimate storage solution.

To minimize the space at a factory or any warehouse, many companies use pallet racking. Pallet racking consumes very less space and can give you immense space to adjust all your goods. You can find their widespread usage in warehouses, retail shops, etc.  Choosing high-quality pallet ensures that it lasts longer.

Configurations of pallet racking and shelving

Based on the configuration, pallet racking can be divided into the following categories:

  • Selective racks: These are the most used pallet racks. The structure allows the pallet to be accessible. The beams act as a supporting system for pallets. Selective racks are different and thus are not limited to one only a type of storage. There is more than one storage in the selective racks.
  • Flow racks: These kinds of racks are perfect for high-density storage. They are also known as gravity flow racks. They can be used extensively for high-density. These racks have two endpoints. They are higher and lower in nature. The products are loaded from the low point. From a low point, these products go to high points. This system is entirely based upon the First In First Out Method (FIFO Method).
  • Push back racks: The pushed back racking system is the system which is ideal for bulk storage. These structures are based on the Last In First Out Method (LIFO method). This means that something that has been inserted first comes out at first.
  • Drive-in and Drive-through racks: These are again capable of handling high-density storage. These are basically made up of steel and therefore can resist more weights easily.

  • Cantilever racks- These are used to store long materials like timber, logs, pipes, steel rods, etc. These are made up of long arms from metals. They are specially designed to store bulky and long items.

Benefits of Pallet racking and shelving

There are many benefits of pallet racking. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Storage system for warehouses: Pallet racking is a storage system for the warehouses. Heavy commodities can be kept on it in large quantities. These racking system is now being extensively used in factories and warehouses.
  1. Saves the space: Pallet racking and shelving  implies that goods can be stacked upon each other .  If the goods are stacked upon each other, less space is consumed by the goods. Thus, this saves the space and also helps in creating a free area for movement.
  1. Safety: Pallet racking can also be claimed as one of the safest racking systems. These racks are made up of heavy materials and therefore these racks cannot bend or get broken. Thus even heavy goods such as motorcycle can be placed easily on it.
  1. Accessibility: With this racking system helps in giving easy access to all the materials. There are certain times that the factory is at risk. At that time, it is important that things are organized. Pallet racking keeps the things organized in a good way. Therefore, everything is accessible.
  1. Convenience: Pallet racking has many conveniences. It makes the job of accountability easier. Anybody can count the goods that have been sold and can evaluate the profitability easily. Secondly, homogeneous products are placed at the same place therefore it can be easily allocated. So, there is no problem with finding the goods.

Conclusion- Pallet racking and shelving has many benefits. The heavy goods can easily be placed on these racks. These racks provide safety as the material used in making pallets are very strong. The goods kept on these pallets are highly accessible. These racks allow their own customization. So, with these benefits pallet racking and shelving is a great way to organize things and make them readily available when required.