Best Things Ever That Will Make Your Life Easier

Riya Sen

, Entertainment

Endless Pool

Two great possibilities to its owner first you could train either by walking in the water or swimming and secondly you can relax in the luxurious hot tub. Endless Pool is a modern technologically advanced and functional alternative to regular pools. The main design is that it has a relatively small size but at the same time offers all the possibilities of traditional pools. The secret of Endless Pool is the unique counter-flow installed at one end of the pool. It creates a current powerful enough to keep the user in the same place while swimming so you can swim indefinitely and so we’re exhausted or simply don’t feel like it. Other notable features in this invention include the water heating function automatic water purification and hydro massage seats. The pool has a modular design too so although it looks complex it can be installed in just a couple of days. It can also be equipped with an optional underwater treadmill. You can buy this pool for about $30,000.

Hitch Hotel

The story of this invention began with a cargo box for safe bicycle transportation. While working on it Jeff Patterson thought this idea could be used to create something bigger and more useful. About three years later Hitch Hotel was born the world’s first we all this expandable trailer. It was specially designed to become a compact hotel for people who like to travel. And the most interesting thing is that you can take this hotel anywhere you go with your car. The trailer takes up about 1.7 cubic meters when folded it measures a hundred and seventy-two centimeters in width and eighty-six centimeters in length. When unfolded the Hitch Hotel can easily accommodate three people the length increases to 233 centimeters and a king-sized bed fits inside. The trailer weighs only a hundred and eight kilograms as it’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum and fiberglass unfolding and folding takes just a few minutes and can be done by only one person. The retail price is forty-seven hundred dollars.

Aerones Drone

Nowadays more and more tasks are performed by machines and robots instead of people for that reason we should no longer clean skyscrapers and other tall buildings by hand. The erroneous drone is an invention designed to get rid of dirt and ice at heights of up to three hundred and thirty-five meters. The device works as follows the drone is intended to support loads of up to 200 kilograms to core to connect the drone to the ground one for electricity and one for water supply. Thanks to the first cable the drone can run indefinitely unlike its battery-operated counterparts this one doesn’t need time to recharge. The water passing through the hose can be cold or hot and distilled and of course, detergents antifreezes and other additives can be added to the water. Both cords are connected to a truck with an electric generator. It also has a takeoff platform for the drone this portable system can do its job anywhere. The manufacturer suggests using their own is thrown to clean skyscrapers as well as wind turbines. In any case, the device does a fine job while reducing the cost of these procedures.

Double Hand

The development of this unusual robotic Double Hand started in 2014. Only recently it was announced that the adventure is finally ready for sale. Today Double Hand can be purchased by anyone who has $2000. But first, we’ll explain what this invention is and why it’s so great. Double Hand was developed by the Italian manufacturer Hugh Bionic. Basically, it’s a glove with built-in sensors it attaches to the wrist offering new options for manual work so instead of two hands the person has up to four hands. Of course the dexterity and sharpness of the movement of the mechanized hands is not yet comparable to the performance of real hands. However, these 3D printed palms are ideal for gripping and lifting objects. The index and middle fingers are responsible for the movements of the one hand and the ring and pinky fingers for the other double hand is designed for people who want to have or for anyone interested in virtual or augmented reality.

Dishwashing Droid

Although this invention is small and quite simple. It can benefit it almost anyone because we all have to do the dishes from time to time. But instead of wasting time and cleaning dishes and forks today you can use the device developed by the Japanese company Banco. It is suitable for washing almost all dishware in the house. At the touch of a button, the mechanism spins the dish or bowl and at the same time brushes the surface with soapy water. The center part of the appliance is used to wash the cutlery it’s made of crossed brushes that clean forks spoons and chopsticks on all those sides in just a few seconds. The manufacturer calls it a handheld dishwasher you can buy it for $90.


You probably know the feeling when you want to rub your own back but it’s quite difficult to reach and no one can help you in this difficult situation. A group of Swiss engineers decides to solve this problem once and for all. They develops the Atlantia shower system. It is a compact brush fixed to the wall at back level. The brush is operated using a remote control which is of course water-free. All you have to do so wash your back is press a button and place your body in front of the brush. Notice, that the device has a replaceable head, for example, it can be used to dry the skin or to apply the body lotion.


It is a Mirror that can give the user a fundamentally new training experience. It is a smart fitness device that can display several images. It can be information about the pulse and calories burned as well as exercises. You need to repeat mirror connects to the smartphone via Wi-Fi to watch your favorite movie on Movie Hustle and also works with fitness wristbands as all training and fitness data is tracked mirror allows you to monitor progress. It should be noted that mirror is even suitable for people who like to train together. The device connects the several devices so their owners can exercise at the same time. The cost of the device is $1500 and the subscription for the monthly training program is forty dollars.