Building An Excellent SEO Report

Krause Cutt

, Marketing, SEO

Do you remember your school’s report cards? Some may recall some fond memories of getting straight A’s, while for some, not-so-fond memories. Those were the times where you learned about your strengths and weaknesses. And in that exact same manner, an SEO report can help you learn more about what’s working for you, what’s going wrong and what can you do to improve. SEO reports are ways to track and highlight your wins and losses or your success and failures.

If you have a fantastic track record with previous businesses, then reports aren’t of much importance. But reports are a primary way of building trust, which helps to track your efforts and your clients SEO business health.

So why is SEO reporting important?

When selling your SEO services to business, your clients will only look at one thing before they buy SEO services from you, and that’s called leads. Generating leads is the ultimate goal of SEO, but the big players in the industry face higher client turnover and lower retention rates. Therefore, to remind your clients that the service you are providing is returning a value, you need to report your progress. A detailed SEO report will show the difference between putting your professional, data-driven foot forward or having to convince clients that you know what you are doing. The SEO report can provide your clients with an overview of how the website is performing in search engines and what is the agency doing to improve those numbers. 

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To create a killer SEO report, you should follow these steps:

1) Clearly determine your objective:

Before you start with your reporting, you need to have a clear idea of the objective you are focusing on. With a clear view of the objective in your mind, it becomes easy to explain to the client about the steps you are actively taking to achieve the goals and objectives, and what are the plan-of-action for the coming months. Your report should clearly define the ways the goal is being achieved. There needs to be clarity in everything you mention in your report. You should clearly indicate the steps taken to reiterate the goals that were initially agreed upon and then work towards achieving it.

2) Explaining the data:

Do not let the numbers and figures overwhelm your client. Do not let the client come to their own conclusion after looking at the data from the report provided by you. People often see the worst side of things first and draw conclusions from it. To avoid such calamities, you should explain the report’s data to your client, especially if they aren’t well-versed with SEO. Inexperienced clients won’t understand what to look in the data and how to make sense from it. Therefore, make it a healthy habit to include a summary of your SEO reports to help your client make sense from your data.

3) Observations and opportunities:

SEO is a slow process, and the results usually show up after six months or so. There are no immediate significant changes that you will be able to witness as soon as you start with SEO. Therefore, offer your client observations to support the opportunities you found in your report. Make sure you are looking at the negative side of the reports too, as these are opportunities to improve and focus that you can work on and develop in the coming months. Even when you are trying the best but there aren’t any results, mention that in your report too. Honesty always works. But be quick in offering the insights you received from the data of your reports.

4) Forthcoming steps:

Make it a habit to communicate the steps to the client that you will be taking to improve the current results. Explain it to your client on how these upcoming steps are essential to support their growth. Communicate the plan-of-action on how are you going to accomplish your client’s goals through SEO. You can outline the steps you will be taking and which actions will make a more significant impact. Prepare a final review to make sure everything you mention in your report is accurate and to-the-point.


If you are doing a splendid job with your SEO, make sure you are reflecting it in your reports too. Not all of your clients will be an SEO wiz, therefore, make sure the reports are easy to understand, and there are no misinterpretations. You need to impress your clients with detailed, customized reports. Choose from a vast range of metrics and features to explain to your clients. Show your clients how successful is your SEO and help their business climb the rankings. 

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