Checklist to Consider while you Search for a PG in Kolkata

Paying guests in Kolkata has been an emerging trend in the city. As Kolkata is the education and business hub of Eastern India, it has become a favorite spot for many students and professionals. This has led to severe demand for affordable and quality PG in Kolkata for an increasing number of outsiders. Apart from many hostels for working woman and students, you can find many paying guest accommodation in the city that is clean and affordable. There are many types of paying guest accommodation available in Kolkata that would meet the demand of people moving to the city. 

  1. Paying guest accommodation is available exclusively separately for women and men. There is some paying guest accommodation where women and men occupy individual floors of a building. Some paying guest accommodation has a separate building for women and men.
  2. There are many paying guest houses where the owner of the accommodation stays on one floor and the remaining floors are allotted for paying guest accommodation.
  3. There is a mainly two-seater paying guest in Kolkata. It could be a mix of fully furnished or semi-furnished accommodation that is available.
  4. There are also paying guest accommodations where an entire building is dedicated to paying guest accommodation and the paying guest owner stays elsewhere. Food is also served at the accommodation for the inmates.

Most of the PG in Kolkata provides two meals per day. Usually, these meals are home-made Bengali food. But you could also get South and North Indian food in Kolkata. Also, you can benefit many amenities like AC, personal helper, laundry, etc. are all available at additional charges. Paying guest accommodation that is close to the metro station or that comes with an unblocked view comes with increased rent. Many paying guest accommodations in Kolkata are the luxurious single houses that are being converted for PG accommodation. Also, most of the PG in Kolkatahave guest accommodation as well with time restrictions for the inmates. 

While you decide the move for the paying guest accommodation, have the following checklist in mind before you move in.

  1. Check with the building condition visually. You should if the building is neat and feasible to stay inside.
  2. While you look for paying guest accommodation, you need to inquire about its security. Check if there is any security guard and is reliable. Is the area being silent with good lighting during the nighttime?
  3. Before you sign the agreement, study its terms and conditions. Many landlords have clauses to protect their interests but at the same time, it should not compromise your understanding as well. Also, see that you get a copy of the same before you sign and discuss all the points with the landlords. The agreement is important and is proof that you are residing at that location. Also, ensure you have the receipt of payments like security deposit, rent, etc.
  4. Before you move into any pg in Kolkata, ensure that you enquire from the current inmates about the livability in that house. It is a mandate for the landlords to provide new tenants details to the nearby police station so that ensures your safety.
  5. While you take up a paying guest ensure that it is near to your place of study or place of work. If it is far from these, it could add to the additional stress of travel.
  6. Check with the room size and the furniture that you can use. Also, check with the room ventilator so that it does not suffocate you. Have a clear idea about the washroom that you need to use. Whether it is on a sharing basis or one allotted to you.
  7. You need to be very clear from the owner whether the bills of electricity and water are part of your rent or you need to pay extra on it. Check with its terms while you fix the rent.
  8. Some paying guest accommodation allows in-house meal supply. You will need to pay a slightly higher rent if you are getting three meals per day. Or else you can also arrange supply from an outside location. You also need to check with the drinking water facility.
  9. Have a check on the laundry whether it is available in-house for washing and ironing or you need to give it outside.
  10. Check with the other facilities like Fan, AC, internet, TV, etc. All these facilities are part of your rent or you need to pay extra.


So, if you are moving to a paying guest in Kolkata, take off the above-listed points. This will make sure that you will not be stressed considering the accommodation part for you and have a peaceful living in the city.