Choosing the right Web design Agency – 7 killing tips to follow!

Emilly Leia

, Tech

A website is integral to business, Period. In a work where people are constantly looking for their desired products and services using online platforms (desktop, mobiles, etc.) you can’t just miss out on one of the fundamental online platforms. Irrespective of your business size or model, you need to a well-designed and fully-functional website to establish your online presence and reach potential customers, who are out there looking for your products or services.

Ok, so you are convinced to go with your business website but wondering, where do I get started?

With hundreds and thousands of web design agencies beating their chest and claiming high about delivering the best services at an unbeatable price, how to choose the right company?

The bad thing, this is a valid concern and a tricky one…

The good thing is, you aren’t alone in this…

To help you and hundreds of other people looking for the best web design agency, we have come up with a list of considerations that will certainly help you make the right and informed choice.

So, let’s start our quest to find the best web design agency:

1.    Know your needs

Yup, before you start looking agencies, ask yourself a few questions like;

  • What’s my business model?
  • Why do I need to build a website?
  • What sort of services I would need on the website?
  • Do I just need a website to establish an online presence or I want to sell products or services?

The answers to these questions will be your starting point in the quest to choose the right web design agency for your website. It’s just like, you may want to build an exclusively personal website (establishing your authority/expertise in a field, or you might be looking to start an e-commerce store to sell products or even you want to get leads for your services. All of these are valid concerns that need consideration and clarity.

Why is this important?

Primarily because any website agency would need your input to start-off the project. Furthermore, choosing the right company that can deliver you services you actually want will need a clear mind to start with.

Thereby, before you begin your quest for the right website design agency, make sure you know what you are looking for and proceed with a solid understanding of thyself.

2. Set rational budget

Don’t get too tempted with cheapest (unrealistic) website prices offered by some companies. Read here to know more about estimated website prices.  As we said earlier, there’s a heck of a competition in the web design industry without thousands of agencies competing to lure more customers. And in the best to attract more customers, they don’t shy away from throwing unrealistic prices for sub-standard services.

Thereby, set a rational and realistic budget that can help you find a credible web design agency, whom you can trust to give you efficient and timely delivery of the project.

You don’t need to go with the most lavish and extravagant website in the beginning. And that’s the beauty about websites today. You can always scale them to your needs as you grow. Thereby, set-aside realistic goals and don’t be tempted with lavish websites that you might see from large competitors.

3. Know your competitor

Ok, this is one aspect that I can’t stress enough. The best way to get your website done efficiently is to look out for websites from your competitors. Now, we aren’t suggesting you do anything immoral, rather by tracking the competitors you would know how they are playing to the tune of the market and what functionalities would you need in your website. (To say the least, it gives you the easiest and most efficient way to get a better understanding of your needs, without having to pay anything).

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Again, by no means we are telling you to copy things, rather it’s all about getting the inspiration and feel for the website. For instance, while tracing your competitor, you might find an interesting functionality like potent search system or active blogs, which may inspire you to keep the same for your website as well and ask the web design agency to include that option in your website as well.

4. Be Trendy

Website design is a really fast-evolving industry with trends changing all the time. Well, not every day but faster than most other industries you can think of. Thereby, it’s important to keep up with the trends and choose a company who has been working in the industry for some time. More importantly, the agency you choose should have the experience of designing interactive and engaging websites previously and thus have a better understanding of the market.

5. Ask for recommendations

If we go purely with the effectiveness of each consideration, this would have been on the top of the list. There’s nothing better than getting a recommendation from family or colleagues about a company they have previously worked with. Not, only this help you to get a feel for the company, but you will also have an honest opinion about their expertise and client servicing.

6. Geolocation does matter

While for most parts, the geolocation of a web design company doesn’t affect its efficiency, rather most people prefer choosing an offshore company to get lower pricing, looking at the broader picture this can actually hurt your cause. Furthermore, an off-location company won’t be too updated with the local trends. For instance, a best web design agency Dubai will have more authority and knowledge dealing with UAE or at max Gulf-based clients as it can relate to their market, whereas, a USA based agency will be more ideal to cater needs of US clients.

Even if you decide to go with a company located across the other part of the world make sure you are able to communicate with them properly. Delays due to language and timing barriers are common when choosing an off-location company. So be considerate about your choice of agency and its potential implications in the larger picture.


There you have it. Some essential and highly useful considerations that will definitely help you choose the right web design agency for your business needs. In the end, it all broil down to your preparation and groundwork in understanding your needs of the website, so be considerate about that.