Customizing Eyelash Packaging Box for Display Counters

Riya Sen

, Featured

Displaying your product smartly can play a significant role in getting it the desired attention and increasing your sales. Product packaging that can effectively highlight the features of an item has benefits of using it explained in detail and has an aesthetic appeal is likely to sway the buying decision of shoppers. For hair and eyelash extension manufacturers and retailers, investing in product display is crucial for engaging customers and selling better. Custom eyelash packaging that allows the potential buyers to have an overview of the product will help you pitch the eyelash extension range astutely to a wider target audience. You need to be meticulous about the product packaging style and other details that you intend to showcase on display counters. The packaging should have all the important elements that count for creating a lasting impression on the onlookers. Don’t miss out on any of the vitals that add to the value and appeal of your product packaging. 

Eyelash Box with Window 

Window product boxes are laudable for enhancing the outlook of the packaged item. A customer can get a fair idea about the displayed product by just having a glance. Eyelash extension retailers should have fancy window boxes that are easy to spot on display counters. Shoppers will be intrigued into finding out the features of a lash extension if they can easily view the product and like the color scheme and artwork. Always use quality window packaging for your products, ask your printer about the printing material options and pick a stock that offers protection to your eyelash extensions and keeps them safe on shelves for long. 

Eyelash Packaging with Enticing Product Details 

Your product packaging with informative and enticing details about the packaged item will grab instant attention of the shoppers. They will stop by to know what you are selling and what makes your product different from the rest. Be careful with the choice of words and pictorial details you use for promoting your item on your packaging. Use fewer and compelling words to explain the benefits of your eyelash extensions. Don’t use untrue claims and marketing promises on your product boxes. Instead, be honest and interactive with the text and details. A lash box that interestingly elucidates how using an eyelash extension will add to users’ beauty and glam without worrying about allergens and moisture would help you sell more. 

Eyelash Packaging Wholesale with Sought After Customer Questions 

If a shopper picks up an item from the display counter and is unable to find the desired information on the product box, it will leave a potentially bad impression about a brand. Make your display eyelash packaging detailed; it should have the info related to product storage, cautions and best before date if any. List down the details related to texture of eyelashes as many customers can have possible eyelid allergy to certain chemicals. 

Choose invigorating and creative color themes, images and font styles for your display boxes. These should be a treat to look at, however, make sure you don’t go overboard with using too funky design details. The artwork should complement the product and brand features explicitly well. Make your contact particulars like website address, social media pages, customer support and other information quite visible on your display eyelash box for customers to find you easily.