Definition of Done (DoD) in Agile Methodology & How to Implement It

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Definition of Done (DoD) is the collection of deliverables, for example, codes, coding comments integration testing, testing of units, design documents, notes for release, and others that add valid values to the development of the project. This DoD helps and facilitates the Scrum team to identify all the valuables needed to complete the project in time. Although DoD or definition of done is one of the fundamental elements of Scrum methodology, yet several Agile and Scrum teams neglect the element and its importance.

How we can use Definition of Done (DoD) in the Agile Project

In this blog, we go over the topic of why and how one can use DoD in the Agile Project.

  1. Get Feedback

    Definition of Done (DoD) is used to define all the steps that one needs to deliver an increment, so it helps the scrum team to get feedback about all the products and processes. Steps like acceptance testing, sprint demo, functional testing generate feedback that is on-time from the product owners themselves. So, in general, the more detailed the Definition of Done is the more feedback it will garner.

  2. Improves Release

    At the end of any sprint, the processes found incomplete at any stage of development pile up and slow down the agile progress. The application of the DoD here scenario helps to complete all the work that is still left to be done. It, in turn, saves time as there is then no need to release sprints so.

  3. Elaborates Burn Down Charts

    If a detailed DoD is not applied to the Agile burn-down chart, then the graphical image that it portrays is false as the work needed to be done is far higher than the projection. As a result of this misrepresentation, the practice piles up in a hidden way, which makes release sprints a lot more stressful.

    A burn-down chart with a DoD application shows us a real picture of how much work has been done and how much work is remaining.

  4. Minimizes Risk

    DoD helps one minimize the possibility of delay because the defined steps generate well-timed feedbacks which in turn helps in guiding and managing all the identified risk factors by inspection and adaption at an early stage.

  5. DoD as an Assessment Tool

    An efficient Scrum team will complete a new feature in a single sprint and able to release it with a guarantee. So we can say that a DoD reflects and assesses the perfection, agility, and maturity of the team with every sprint.

How one can use DoD in Scrum

  • Make It Essential
    By making it imperative to follow the instruction of DoD in each sprint, you’ll see a rise in its importance for project completion. It will establish a perfect understanding between the development team, product owner, and stakeholders.

  • Checklist
    A DoD can be used as a checklist for every product backlog item (PBI). Only after the checklist is complete to a point satisfaction is when the project will move forward.

  • Making it Task-Oriented
    Each Definition of Done (DoD) element must have a specific task that ensures that one is more focused on the task at hand.

  • Involve Product Owners
    One must always be ready to explore the opportunities and possibilities to make the product more robust. One can also ask other Scrum teams for pointers and suggestions.

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