Does Jenga offer All-Round Website Payment Solutions?

Riya Sen

, Tech

As markets open up and regulations relax, restrictions previously put up by geographical boundaries vanish. This trend is furthered by businesses choosing to carry out most of their operations online. In fact, according to Statista, the number of people buying online is expected to rise up to 2.14 billion by 2021. This should give you wind of how businesses will evolve in the coming years and the increasing importance of offering the user an experience they will remember. One of the newest themes to emerge within the larger themes of online business and online payments is that of the payment gateway. 

The payment gateway is basically a service that enables merchants to process bills and accept payments online. It is essentially a web server that creates a link with a payments service provider or the merchant’s website. Several issuing banks and methods of payment are also built into the system. Payment gateways are quickly changing the way online business happens, as the walls between international and local transactions come down. 

In this rich, quickly-changing online scenery, Kenya continues to make its own mark. Fintech players reach new heights and innovative products and services enable more of the unbanked population. Companies like Finserve emerge with their offerings aimed at making both the lives of merchants as well as users easier. Which is why two of Finserve’s flagship products Jenga API and Jenga Payment Gateway deserve special mention. 

How does Jenga API work?

With the spirit of collaboration and innovation lending spine, Jenga API is all about simplifying complex background structures. Jenga API creates APIs that work around mobile wallets, bank payments and even buying airtime. What’s more, in this ever-evolving space of website payment solutions, Jenga’s API solutions target developers who can test them and use them to work with the apps they create. Here’s a quick glimpse of how Jenga API is beneficial : 

– Jenga API covers 6 different countries across Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, DRC, South Sudan, and Rwanda. 

– Using Jenga’s APIs, applications can enable sending payments to a single individual using a single thread or multiple people using multiple threads. 

– Jenga’s unification of payment modes makes it an agile and powerful platform that works across cards, banks, and modes of payment. From Visa to China Union Pay, from WeChat to Alipay, Jenga API has got it all covered. 

– Jenga API features common cross-border remittance services such as Paypal, Western Union, and Money Gram, making cross-border trade easier and more effective. 

– To integrate online payments into websites and all kinds of other app features, require the steady presence of developers. And Jenga API offers a hub where developers can test their ideas, making the process fun, interactive and innovative. 

How does Jenga Payment Gateway work?

The web has become such a complex entity by now, that the more integrated a platform, application or server is, the better the user experience. In this regard, Jenga Payment Gateway brings all the existing Kenyan website payment solutions together and makes a cohesive pathway for transactions. Here’s a quick view on how Jenga Payment Gateway works. 

– Online businesses using Jenga can receive card payments from across 180 countries. 

– Mobile money including multiple wallets, platforms, and providers, comes alive on Jenga Payment Gateway. 

– Jenga also enables bank transfers. 

– Fraudulent activity is more easily caught on this payment gateway. 

– Faster checkout is a distinct feature on Jenga. 

By introducing Jenga API and Payment Gateway to Africa, Finserve has revolutionized the way fintech is done in the continent. Equity Bank, which is an extension of Equity Group (that owns Finserve), is the second-largest bank in Kenya and now own 60% of the market share in the merchant banking scene. And the fact that over 90% of the bank’s customers apply for loans online, is good proof that platforms like Jenga will continue to make waves in the world of fintech. 

Jenga has been continuously helping people and business to integrate payment gateways for their businesses and websites. With the help of Jenga Payment Integration, businesses could reach greater heights and get success in a limited amount of time.