Electrical Hazards Hiding at Home

Sydney, a coastal metropolis, is Australia’s largest city, with around five million residents. It is one of the country’s top destinations where you can see some of the world’s amazing sceneries, such as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The city is planning to use renewable electricity from July 2020. It will power all the city-owned properties, such as libraries, pools, depots, playing fields, council buildings, and the historic Sydney Town Hall.

In the 2016 Census, there were more than 1.8 million households in the city using electricity. Electricity is one of the essential household utilities, and almost everything relies on it. However, improper maintenance of electrical systems at home poses a great danger.

Many homes, especially the older ones, are prone to electrical fires due to hidden electrical faults around. It is why your home’s electrical systems must be regularly checked by electrical services Sydney.

Below is a list of hidden electrical hazards that cannot be detected without the help of a certified electrician.

  • Faulty electrical wirings
    If you are living in an old house, chances are, many electrical installations around the home require replacements. Old wires may cause arc faults or surges that could result in a massive fire. The electrical cables worn-out or get exposed to the environment may cause short circuits. It is best to call an electrician and have your wiring checked right away if you feel something is wrong with your house’s electrical installations.

  • Electrical outlets near water
    Most homes have installed electrical outlets in their kitchen and bathroom. While these outlets allow you to use your electric gadgets or equipment conveniently, these outlet installations are hazardous. You are well aware of what could happen if the electricity touches the water. To avoid any accidents, have these outlets checked by a professional and see whether the outlets are in safe places.

  • Lightings close to flammable objects
    Lightings, such as bulbs, produce heat. Therefore, if placed near highly flammable stuff around the house, it could start a fire. Drapes, beds, and plastics can catch fire if placed near light bulbs. Moreover, light sources can cause electrical shocks, so make sure that your lightings are far enough where nothing can touch it.

  • Extension wirings
    Admit it; extension wirings make everyone’s life easy. Imagine reorganizing your home and realizing that you had placed an electric device far from an electrical outlet. There is where extension wiring could help you. You have to be careful, though. Overloading, short circuits, and damaged cords may cause a massive fire. Electrical burns and tripping are the common dangers these extension wirings can cause.

  • Electrical wires that are heavily covered
    The heavy covering may cause wires to overheat; thus, fire. You need to have a professional check if your wirings are covered just enough at home. Moreover, make sure that your chargers and extension wires are not under rugs, mats, or blankets.

    If using heavy appliances, such as washing machines or air-conditioning, causes your lights to dim or fluctuate, something is wrong with your electrical wirings. Don’t ignore these signs and call a professional electrical service in Sydney as soon as possible.

    Keep in mind that you need to manage your electrical wirings properly to avoid any accidents that may cause great danger to your household.