Highest Mountains in the Philippines for Trekking

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The Republic of the Philippines in Southeast Asia is one of the biggest archipelagic nations of the world and can make a great holiday destination for you. While the main appeal and charm of this highly touristy destination is island-hopping, warm beaches with pristine waters, water sports like snorkeling & scuba diving, and the highly acclaimed Filipino cuisine, the Philippines also has a good number of majestic mountains for exploring. Most mountains of this country are known to have experienced volcanic activity some time or the other and that’s why climbing the highest mountains in the Philippines can give you a one-of-a-kind experience that is different from other places. The soaring heights of the mountains give you the sensation of floating among the clouds.

The Philippines is home to 95 spectacular mountains that are spread across its various rolling mountain ranges of the likes of Sierra Madre and the Cordillera Central mountain ranges. Climbing the highest mountains in the Philippines is one of the most-loved outdoor adventures for both the locals and the tourists alike and you will find at least 30 tall mountains with summits of at least 1000 meters. That being said, Mount Apo is the highest mountain in the Philippines.

Bucket-List of the Highest Mountains in the Philippines for Adventurous Trekking

  1. Mount Pinatubo: The Active Stratavolcano 

    This is unarguably the most famous mountain in the Philippines, located in the Zambales Mountain Range in Luzon Island. Mt Pinatubo is an active volcano and came to the world’s notice in 1991 when a huge eruption took place making it the second most dangerous eruption of the 20th century. Climbing Mt Pinatubo involves a combination of 4X4 Jeep ride through a Lahar field from a nearby jump-off point and a 1.5 hour trek before reaching the summit. Taking a dip in the nearby Crater Lake is unmissable.

    Summit Height: 1486 meters
    How to reach: Take a bus from Manila to Capas and hire a tricycle to Santa Juliana Tourism; register yourself for a 4X4 Jeep ride with this tourism company to travel through the Lahar field, followed by a 1.5 hour trek to the summit.

  2. Mount Kanlaon: Marvel at Negros Highest Peak

    This is one of the top mountains in the Philippines that is worth trekking. Located in the Visayas region of the Philippines, the mountain is considered as the most popular one in this region. The main highlight of the trek is the scenic views surrounding the majestic mountain. The trek to the top is a difficult one and it takes almost 5 to 6 hours to reach from the base of Mount Kanlaon.

    Summit Height: 2465 meters
    How to reach: Take a bus from Dumaguete City to the Guintubdan drop-off point

  3. Mount Apo: The Master of all Mountains 

    This is undeniably the most-visited peak for the basic fact that it is the highest mountain in the Philippines. The unique thing about climbing Mt Apo is that it has three summit points and is also a dormant volcano unlike the others in our bucket-list of the highest mountains in the Philippines. Just a word of caution, climbing Mount Apo is considered difficult as it involves traversing steep trails and dense jungles filled with uneven landscape. It takes roughly 10 hours to complete this enduring trek.

    Summit Height: 2954 meters
    How to reach: Take a Jeepney ride from Davao City and get off at Kidapawan.

  4. Mount Pulag: Gods’ Playground

    Famously known as ‘The Playground of the Gods,’ Mount Pulag is the highest peak in Luzon. The sea of clouds that engulf the summit will leave you stunned by nature’s riveting beauty. Suitable for newbies, this hike is awe-inspiring as you venture through thick verdure of rare vegetation to reach the summit. 

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    Standing on the top is surreal as you look around and see a bed of clouds casually floating around. Viewing this natural wonder at the break of dawn is breathtaking and it only takes around 3 hours to reach the peak.    

    Summit Height: 2926 meters 
    How to Reach: Board a bus to Baguio City from Manila. Take a local Jeepney to reach Kabayan Benguet. Ensure you’re bundled up for the drive and trek as it gets quite cold.  

  5. Osmeña Peak: A 360 View of Cebu 

    The highest peak in Cebu, Mount Osmeña is a relatively easier hike compared to the above mountains. The best part of this hike is it doesn’t require a guide, which means you can trek solo and at your own pace. It roughly takes 15 to 20 minutes from the base for regular hikers. The ideal time to scale this peak is in the morning hours as the fog adds a dramatic setting for the beautiful rugged rock formations

    Summit Height: 1,013 meters
    How to Reach: Take a bus from Cebu City South Bus Terminal and get off at Dalaguete Junctions. From here you can either take a bike to reach the jumping-off point or to challenge yourself start the trek from Mantayupan Market.

Wrap up

Now that you have got an idea of the highest mountains in the Philippines for trekking, don’t you think it’s about time you planned a travel itinerary to this vast island-nation to trek? Manila, the capital city of the country can be a good jumping-off point for exploring this huge island-nation. Have your cheap flights to Manila booked with iEagle right away for saving huge on airfares.

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