How Flags and Banners Advertising helps you in Business Branding

Krause Cutt

, Marketing

The rate of internet expansion and mobile penetration makes you believe that online advertising methods can help you reach a lot more people than traditional advertising methods. However, this does not mean that traditional advertising methods can be discounted altogether. Traditional advertising methods still work very well and one such method is using banners and flags for advertising. Flags and banners in Dubai have been one of the earliest means of advertising one’s business and this is still a popular concept. You can see them all over the city advertising many major brands. 

There are many advantages of using flags and banners in your branding efforts for your business. Let us take a look at the different ways using flags and banners can help you in branding your business. 

  • Brand Recognition

    Flags and Banners in Dubai help bring recognition and attention to your brand. When people pass by your banners and flags regularly they start noticing and relating to them. The designs and taglines used in the banners get imprinted in their memory. This ensures that the brand is always recognized by them everywhere they come across it. They may not contact you immediately but when the need comes, they will surely remember your brand. Flags and banners use crisp visual aids to make it easier for the general public to remember you. They are one of the easiest tools to use for brand building

  • Affordable

    When you start an advertising or branding campaign, there are chances that you may not want to spend a lot without seeing proof of concept. Flags and banners based advertising is the best bet in that case. They are quite inexpensive when compared to other forms of advertising. You can cover a large area for a small amount so that you get the return on your investment soon. Running a newspaper ad, billboards, and radio campaigns are much costlier and they also cost a lot. You can have the flexibility to choose the type of material, and the size of the flag and banner, so that you can work within your stipulated budget. 

  • Improved Visibility

    We already discussed how flags and banners in Dubai help improve brand recognition for your business. Now, one of the key ways it does that is by getting more people to see your advertisement in the first place. Flags and banners are always installed in large numbers and flexible designs which make them quite attractive. They are known to garner more attention than huge billboards due to their placement near-eye levels and in key areas especially when you are driving. These flags are designed in a way that they can be seen from many places and if you use double side flags or banners, then you increase your visibility factor by a lot. 

  • Smaller Versions of Billboards

    One of the most popular methods of traditional or offline advertising is billboards. Businesses rent huge billboards in prime locations for advertising a product launch or new offer. These end up costing a fortune. Flags and banners are essentially a small version of the billboard that can carry all the information a billboard does and display it in many locations without costing a lot. You can use them without spending money on billboards and still reach your target audience easily. 

  • Versatile

    Flags and banners are one of the easiest advertising mediums to work with. They are extremely versatile and easy to design. You can use them to display your company name, offers, discounts, new products, and testimonials too. All you need is a simple design and a basic idea. You can use any kind of material, pole design, and print media to produce your flag or banner. Designers are known to love this advertising method as it lets them explore a lot. Businesses also prefer this as they are quite versatile and can be used everywhere. 

  • Mobility

    Flags and banners don’t have to be installed on a pole or mounted on boards only. They can be mounted on promotional vehicles, commercial vehicles like taxis, and buses. Another great advantage of this kind of advertising is that you can move it from one place to another. They are not rigid in placement and can be moved around to capture substantial traffic. You can reduce the cost of advertisement by just having it driven all over the city without producing more copies of the same advertisement. This mobility also helps capture a wider network in a small amount of time for a greater return on investment. 

  • Reusable

    We discussed how flags and banners are easy to move around and act like smaller billboards. To top it off, they are also reusable. Imagine you have banners printed for an expo with your company information. You do not have to discard it immediately. You can reuse them as normal advertisement materials once the expo is over. Some flags can also be used in front of your office/shop to draw attention from the passerby. 

  • Quick and Easy

    Not all advertising material has the luxury of being planned out for days. Sometimes businesses need quick and easy to make advertisement material for a flash sale, event, or an important announcement. In that case, flags and banners come in handy. They can be printed quickly and installed all across the city in a jiffy. You can have them printed in any nearby printing center and most advertising agencies also have printing agents to use on short notice. They are also easy to remove once the sale is over. This flexibility makes them a great tool in advertising and branding efforts for businesses.