How Social Media Is Impacting The Life of A Student

Krause Cutt

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Spending a lot of time on your phone and struggling with your grades? Here, we have the solution for your problem.

Latest technical advancements

Technology has taken almost all the sphere of life. Every day we get to know about various modifications at some part of the world which is possible because of technology. It is surprising and changing the lives of people for good. Connecting with our loved ones who are sitting overseas has just become so simple which was never expected a few years back. Technical inventions and discoveries have changed the ways we look at our lives.

Impact on students

The various advancements in technology have made learning very easy and an interesting task. It has allowed the students to learn new things sitting at home over the internet. No doubt technology has made student life better but along with this it has various other impacts on the lives of the students. At a tinder age, where it is difficult to decide between right and wrong, they spend a lot of time in using these electronic gadgets.

All these things act as distraction. Because of which students think that they have lack of time due to which they avail online ‘write my essay’ services. They result in dropping the concentration level of the students and their urge to study. It is very important for the students to learn the art of ignoring these obstructions and stay focused. The most common and widely faced interference is of “social media.” Students are paying attention to this ‘not so good activity’ and wasting a good amount of time which they utilize in a much productive way.

Excess usage of electronic gadgets burns a lot of time

A text from your friend is enough to derail your concentration when you are studying and trying to focus on your homework. For once you ignore it, but after few seconds the craving and excitement to have a look at your phone and check the message dominates you. And, the chain of messages begins without you even realizing the amount of time already wasted. Indulging in not so required conversation you forget about study. 

When you get back to your senses at night after wasting the entire day, you comprehend that you are still on the same page of your book and all the work is pending. And, this is enough to release the stress hormones in your body and you begin to get anxious and stress controls your mind. Then, all the incomplete work, the assignments to be done start dancing in front of your eyes and you start befuddling. What to study and from where to commence become a battle to combat. We all have experienced it at least once and struggled with the around the corner work. 

Unawareness among students

The worst part is that the students do not even realize the disadvantages of using the social media networking sites and continue to commit the same mistake time and again. Being on social media sites for more than a limit is harmful and the students do not get it. To one side it distracts their pace of studying and at the other end have various other side effects. In addition to wastage of time, chatting and other activities on social media networking sites have numerous adverse effects especially on the mind of the user. Distinctive posts over social media platforms affect the mind of the reader. The ads (online shopping tops the list) in the corner influence your mind and takes them to shopping sites. The discount thumbnails attract them and thus, they want to avail the offers and finally they end up buying the unwanted things and wasting their money. 

Health Problems

You must have experienced eye pain and headache after spending a lot of time on your phone or laptop. The harmful radiations from digitized screens affect your eyes and lay foundation to other health problems.

But, if you want to change your habits and become serious in your desired goals and achievements, we suggest you to do this.  You may also avail assignment help from the experts to get your academic tasks completed on time due to health issues. 

Tips to follow

Keep your phone aside while you are studying. If you are not able to do it and feel like checking the notification panel of your mobile phone every now and then, you should have a test. In the test, try to leave your phone for three days and examine how you feel. This has been performed by many people to check their smartphone addiction level. If you could not spend even an hour or two and confront an urge to check your mobile, then its’ a high time to realize that you need to work hard to get over this. 

  • To begin with, plan some outings with your “friends” and spend some quality time with them. 
  • Try to forget about your phone and develop the feeling of living life rather than spending your precious time on artificial things. 
  • Give time to your family. They will be happy to have a cup of tea with you and know how your day was instead of posting it over the internet.

If you try these tricks, you will come over the influence of social media networking sites and feel lively. You will realize that the world outside your smartphone is beautiful and there is sufficient amount of time which you can devote to your studies and family members. We are sure that you will feel good. 

Author Bio: I, Elizaa Beth, am a skilled content writer who is capable of writing engaging and compelling content for most known websites. I also render essay help to the students of Australia.