How to Use EaseUS Todo PCTrans: Step by Step Guide

Emilly Leia

, Tech

If you are an avid PC user, then you might face a problem in your life related to PC migration. PC migration is a problem that people face often. Sometimes, you need to shift your computer data to another computer without losing anything. In such situations, slow transfer by pen drives will not do the trick as it will take forever. Some settings will not even be transferred. For such situations, EaseUS Todo PCTrans is a lifesaver. 

EaseUS Todo PCTrans is a very useful piece of software that makes data and user information transfer between user machines easy. All data and settings can easily be transferred with this tool. It’s great for easily transferring user settings and data between another computer on the same local area network with much ease and simplicity. This software can transfer all the settings as well, so you will have almost the same user experience between your old and your newly transferred computer. 

Why EaseUS Todo PCTrans?

EaseUS Todo PCTrans offers a lot of convenient uses that make this one of the best PC transfer tools out there. This software aims to make PC transfer more simple, instant, and convenient for anyone. When you are doing the transfer, you just have to install this software on two computers on the same local area network. When you have done that, the software connects both computers automatically to make the user experience easier and simpler. 

This software empowers user identity. It lets you select what you want to transfer. You can go deep into this software and customize a lot of things to meet your needs. From user account settings to file selection, you can choose what you want to transfer and begin instantly. Here we have compiled a guide to help you freely- how to transfer data from one computer to the other

If you get stuck while using this software to transfer files, you can mail the professional technician that will thoroughly guide you through the proper using instructions. The technicians are also available over phone calls for your convenience. There is no charge for the technician’s advice. They can also guide you through what is important to transfer and other advice you might need. 

How to use EaseUS Todo PCTrans

Connect your PC with another PC on the same Local Area Network

The other computer should be on the same network of routers. You have to then install EaseUS Todo PCTrans on both the computers. You will then see a screen that will guide you through the options that will provide the transfer. You have to select a PC to PC. This option will transfer your data from your old computer to your new computer with ease. 


Choose a computer to connect with

EaseUS Todo PCTrans will then list the computers that have the software running. When you have found the right computer, you can click on it, and then it will tell you to enter a log-in password. Ignore it if you do not have a log-in password set on your other computer. Now, you will also see the options to transfer from or to the pc you are using currently. You can choose the one that you want to do and then proceed to the next. 

Choose a Computer to connect

Choose which applications, files, and accounts you want to transfer

When you have selected the direction of the transfer, you can then select the applications and files that you want to transfer. You can check multiple times that you are transferring the right things. When you have selected the files and applications, you can click on the transfer to start the transfer. There should not be any issues during the transfer, but if you face anything, you can always call the technicians. 

Choose accounts, file to transfer

Image transfer made easy

  • Select image transfer to transfer applications, accounts, and even files in disk image files
    Image files are the most secure way of transferring accounts and files. These images files are backups of data that can later come handy and even be transferred in many machines. These image files are also well divided and assure that none of the files get lost in the way.

  • Select the image transfer method
    You can choose to export to or from a disk image file. This gives you the ease of backing up files in the form of image files and you can choose whenever to restore from the image file as well with much ease.

  • Set up an image storage location and create the image file
    Creating image files with EaseUS Todo PCTrans is easy. Here, you just have to choose the location you want to save the file to and then you just have to click on the button that says create. The rest of the job is going to be done by the software itself.

  • Extract data from an image file
    You can easily run this tool in your computer and select the extract data from the image file feature to recover data that you saved previously. This helps you restore all the data into the second pc or if this is a backup, it will help restore as well. 

App migration made easy

  • Select the transfer method from the left list
    App migration can be chosen from the list on the left side of the software UI. After that, you will get the option to start the migration.

  • Select the applications that you want to migrate
    There will be a list of applications installed and the disk they are installed to. You can freely choose what applications you want to migrate.

  • Start the transfer
    You will not have to do anything after you start the transfer. The applications will be safely migrated from one computer to the other with no hassle. You can wait patiently until the process is completed.