Know About The Is Pname Com Facebook Orca Error

Krause Cutt

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According to the latest report, more than 1.32 billion users are using a Facebook application. In addition, about fifty million institutes are using Facebook pages. Have you ever seen the pop-up message while using your Facebook app on your android phone or ios?. Nowadays lots of people are facing Pname com Facebook orca error messages while using the Facebook app, on their phone. If you want to know what is the exact meaning of pname com Facebook orca error and how to resolve it then this article will help you to get the right answer.

What is Pname Com Facebook Orca Error?

Pname com is the name of the package, which is used by developers to identify the core part of the specific app or program. This package is available on your phone with name where the name stands for the name of the application or program at hand. For Facebook Messenger, it has package name and P-name also as part of its package name. This folder is automatically created on your Android device’s at default storage location when anyone installing the Facebook Messenger app. This stores all the files, cache, plugins, videos, images and audios of the messenger application.

What is Com Facebook Orca Folder?

This Pname com Facebook orca folder will only appear with the Facebook messenger app. However, if the messenger app is not installed, then you will not get this folder and error.

To locate this folder, you just need to follow some steps:

Go to File Explorer> Device Storage (Internal Storage or SD Card) > Android> Data> Com.Facebook.orca.

This Com.Facebook.orca is not just a somewhat randomly created folder. If you are keen then you will notice that it takes up lots of memory of your phone because this includes all the messenger chats including images, videos, etc.  

Typically, you will see an error message which looks something like this;

Unfortunately, Facebook has stopped!

When you see this type of message on your android phone, then kindly do not bother yourself by deleting the com.facebook.orca folder because you will not get the permanent solution to this problem as this folder will automatically be recreated on your phone when you re-start your Facebook Messenger App.

The exact cause of this error message:

This folder is not a malware or a virus at all. So do not need to waste your valuable time deleting the folder because it might come in handy in the future. The reason to get this improper error message can be due to the improper installation of your messenger app. In addition, it might be because of the slow device speed.

How you can fix the Facebook Orca error?

If you are getting irritated from this Pname Com Facebook error and want to fix it, then go with some simple tricks to resolve this issue.

There are three methods available to fix the error:

Method 1: Clear Data Method.

Method 2: Clear Cache Method.

Method 3: Uninstall/ Reinstall Facebook app.

With the help of the above three methods, you can fix the Pname Com Facebook Orca in your android or Ios phone.