Menorca Holidays – Discovering the enchanting Island of Mediterranean

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new place is not moving to a new part of planet. But, creating great memories for lifetime and Menorca Island has everything to cater holidaymakers. It is a Spanish Island in Mediterranean waters and part of Balearic archipelago. It features amazing beaches, turbulent and glorious past, stunning landscapes and some sumptuous dining options. Menorca Holidays are renowned across the world for summer escapes, but more interestingly it is a perfect year round destination. This post brings to you some of the best things to consider at the very planning stage of All Inclusive Holidays to Menorca.

Exploring the Gorgeous Beaches on Menorca Holidays

Menorca, though the island is smaller in proportion features amazing beachscapes. The scenic coastline is home to some 100 beaches. It includes numerous family-friendly beaches as well. White sands, secluded coves, wooded trees, make up the beachscapes more attractive. The beaches in North and South Menorca have a magnetic effect; they are subjected to favorable winds creating perfect conditions for windsurfing and sailing. Several of its beaches attained Blue flag status for meeting global standards in terms of the eco-friendly initiative. The top class beaches, that you should consider exploring Menorca Holidays are Son Bou, Binibeca, Cala Galdana, Port de Fornells, Punta Prima and Cala en Porter. If you are after dramatic beauty of coves then move ahead to Cami de Cavalls.

Discovering the Historical Aspect of Menorca

Since historical times, the island has been a great stage for wars. Romans, Turks, French and British have left their footprints here. Landing here was not an easy task; all of them have waged wars to survive on this island. Some of them have created wonders that reflect in the wonderful architecture. After fun under the sun, on your All Inclusive Holidays to Menorca, enough time should be allocated to historical attractions. The megalithic sites speak about the earliest human settlement on the island. You will find some around 25 archaeological sites that transport you back to Talayotic period. If you move further you will discover the cities dating back to the Roman era. The Northern end of the island transfers you to the past, the cities of Mahon, Ciutadella and Sanisera dates back to the Roman era. Menorca is a great combination of numerous cultures. Several tribes from East German attacked the island, in the later period Arabs, Spanish and Turks have invaded the country. The impact is the perfect combination of several cultures. The important prospect is the island’s position in the Mediterranean world, which attracted numerous people to visit this island. It really shaped the rich cultural heritage of the island. Some of the top landmarks worth exploring comprise Fort Marlborough, Fortress of Isabel ||, defense towers and numerous attractions. Discover the ancient ruins of Roman Basilicas in Son Bou and Fornas de Torello. Ciutadella is one of the Gothic masterpieces of the medieval era. If you want to know more about the destination, the Military Museum is the perfect place to explore on Holidays to Menorca.

Menorcan Cuisine

Traditional Menorca Cuisine evolved over the period of centuries. When Arabs occupied the island, they introduced almonds, like wise whoever entered this island brought something new to this island. The gastronomy on island is wonderfully unique and there are some restaurants to serve Spanish and international varieties. Seafood, red meats are quite common foods, worth tasting on Menorca Holidays. But, you should not give a miss to cheese prepared on island. As the practice of making has centuries old history.

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