Tripura, a little province of India lies within the cosy lap of the chain of Himalayan Mountains. It is a small state however its smallest is principally in its size and its population but surely not in sorts of nature. In fact, it’s a wonderland of natural beauty with its sounding cataracts, deep valleys, running streams and rivers. Its forests conjointly teem in wild animals like elephants, leopards, bears, wolves, ruminant monkeys and apes. Apart from natural beauty, Tripura is additionally far-famed for its beaux arts beauties of the historical building and therefore the sculptures on their walls.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Tripura that are actually worth seeing. You will find foreign tourists too coming here and capturing this beauty.

1.Ujjayanta Palace

The palace was antecedent settled inside 10km of the most towns of Agartala. A spectacular Mughal garden is the main attraction of this palace which comprises musical fountains, artificial lakes, verdant grassy blanket and the royal existence of majestic ancestry. So, if you’re coming up with a visit to Tripura, we would like to suggest you to visit this great attraction of Agartala.

2. Neermahal Palace

In the centre of Rudrasagar Lake in Tripura, the palace is a must-see tourist destination for all travellers. This palace is known as Neermahal Palace which means water palace. Among the seven wonders of India, this Neermahal Palace is one wonder. Martin & Burns Co. was the founder of this palace which contains royal Antar Mahal, courtyard, guest room, playing room etc.

3. Unakoti

One but a large integer suggests that Unakoti that indicates that variety of rock carvings and murals of god square measure out there here. Basically, it’s a salivated journeying wherever Gods and god square measure hopped-up by the curse of Lord Shiva.

4. Jagganath Temple

In the centre of the Ujjayanta Palace ground, Jagannath Temple is situated. The exterior of the temple, the Islamic architecture can be seen, on the other hand, the interior part of the temple is beautifully decorated with Hindu style. It is gratuitous to mention that Lord Jagannatha is that the main immortal of this temple.

5. Tripura Government Museum

In 1970, Tripura Government repository was established for exhibiting Tripura culture and heritage. This museum is enriched with the unique collection of stone carvings, archaeological objects of Tripura, old coins and many more. Even the travel enthusiast will expertise several proof of the past and gift Tripura’s mode.

6. Sipahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

Sipahijala Wildlife Sanctuary encircles near about 19km area and contains approximately 150 varieties of local and migratory birds, orchids, wild creatures, boating amusement, elephant ride, botanical garden, coffee and rubber plantation and many more. The spectacle monkey is the unique and extra attraction of Sipahijala Wildlife Sanctuary.

7. Rabindra Kanan

Silently nestled southern a part of rule Bhawan, the spreading “Rabindra Kanan”, a recreation ground with rich frondescence and plethora of flowers is the favorite place for youngsters and teenagers. Besides varieties flowers, the “Puppet House” is that the main attraction of Rabindra Kanan which is a must see.

8. Nehru Park

Nehru Park is found in P.N complicated at Gurkhabasti in Tripura. Being a really calm and quiet close this park allures thousands of travelers. Variety collections of colourful flowers, artworks and statues beckon lovers and youths to stray all over within the park. This park offers peaceful staying on the lap of nature. Additionally you can also book hotel near to this place using OYO Referral Code with great offers.

9. Jampui Hills

Jampui Hill is resided 200km far from the capital of Tripura, Agartala. It is the highest range which borders Mizoram. The eye-catchy vistas and refreshful climate is that the main attraction of Jampui Hills. Besides lovely environmental condition welcome, marvelous orange woodlet, sunrise and sunset point, verdant foliage attracts travel enthusiasts throughout the year.

10. Rose Valley Amusement Park in Agartala

Located in Madhuba, this Rose valley park is in Agartala. With myriads of amusements and entertainments, this park allures millions of globetrotters in all seasons. To complete the overall trip to Tripura this park should be visited.

With so many places to roam in Tripura, this place is surely a must visit especially for the first timers. A well planned long getaway with your loved ones and your family is all that you want in a small and peaceful place like Tripura. Explore nature at its best, wildlife and diverse cultures of this town which you probably have not seen.


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