Playing Video Games: Boon or a Bane

Krause Cutt

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Every typical parent believes that playing video games can hamper the ability of their child to interact with the world outside. What does science have to say about this?  There is not any proof or any research which proves that playing games could lead to a medical disorder but still adults and especially parents consider playing games like a plague that could ruin a child’s future and present. Excess of anything and everything could be bad and just like that even playing games in excess was never and will never be good for the kids. If parents keep a stringent check on their kids’ access to the internet and these addicting games, then indulging in them would mean no harm to them.

Here are a few positive and negative effects/impact that is caused by playing games;

Positive effects of playing games

  • Children who have a short attention span for them playing games can help a lot
  • It for developing a better eye-hand coordination
  • Playing games can help to boost imagination and because it is educational so your kids will learn so many more things
  • Playing games help to develop the spirit of healthy competition amongst children

Negative effects of playing games

  • Playing a certain type of games helps to promote violent behavior among children
  • It could damage the brain
  • The social interaction is hampered with the outside world
  • When children overindulge themselves into games then the body is physically inactive it could lead to various health problems
  • Physical inactivity can lead to health problems

Now, just by playing games one cannot become intellectual, active or accept to learn new things. It depends upon the choice of games which can make a person learn things. Now, the kid’s parents have to be really cautious and must know what their kids are playing online. If the activities of the kids and the games that they are playing are not watched upon then they can over-indulge in playing extremely violent games or that could to extreme change in their behavior.  

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So, exactly we are not against playing games neither do we support it the completely only thing that needs to be checked is whether it is being played within certain limits or not.

Fans of action-packed series and movies can opt for the war or shooting games and so on. There are various varieties in the stores which allow the multiple players to play online and that further allows people to interact and play with multiple players around the world. It not only increases the social interaction but also boosts the confidence of the players.

For growing children, there are various educational games that will help them to improve their habits. Some games show the children the daily tasks that need to be followed by daily habits to acquire. There are also games that can help you to improve your language.

Games surely make you addicted to them but if they can make people learn and develop some qualities then there isn’t any harm in playing them.

Many argue playing games can be harmful, but the effects of gaming can be can even be beneficial for the children as it can help them to grow and flourish whereas for parents it is beneficial as it will help their kids to learn and grow.

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You need to keep yourself at a safe distance from the games and manage your time on them. Some games will increase your knowledge and others might help you to become more realistic and creative. Obviously, playing them in excess would hamper your lifestyle just like overdoing other things could.