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No doubt, there are many people who love to play basketball. According to a survey, approx 400 million people love Basketball. But, every basketball players do not avail the facility of having a court in the backyards. Apart from that, it is not always easy to go to the nearby basketball court and it can be too much time-consuming and inconvenient. Basketball court requires huge space and is generally a costly affair. But thanks to portable basketball hoop which can be installed at any place and most importantly it is available at an affordable price.

Various types of materials such as Glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate are used while making the basketball court using portable basketball hoop. In this blog, we have come up with some excellent portable basketball that everyone can avail:

  1. Lifetime Pro Court portable basketball system:

This is one of the best basketball hoops in which you can adjust the height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. Lifetime Pro court is certainly a great choice for the kids. It is very light-weight and portable so that kids also can carry it easily. The material that is used to make this portable basketball system is resistant and durable enough to withstand in rain and wind. Thus it is suitable for all season and it also does not require too much time for the installation. The best thing with this type of court is that you can put it together on your own and once you assemble the hoop it becomes ready to play.       

  1. Lifetime Front court basketball goal:

This is another excellent set of professional basketball hoops. It is slightly a little heavier as compared to that of Lifetime Pro court. But still this kind of basketball hoops is very portable and you can move it very easily. The backboard of this basketball hoops used to hang 18 inches in front of the goal post and has extra space to land after a layup. This kind of basketball hoop comes up with a moderate price and if you are looking for the one which can be adjustable then it will be the best choice for you.        

  1. Lifetime 52-inch portable basketball hoop:

This excellent quality basketball hoop comes up with 52-inch backboard which is mainly made up of polycarbonate material. It provides good stability and allows the players to move the basket from the driveway to the garage. It is also adjustable and you can adjust from 7.5 inches to 10 feet as per your height. It has a 35-gallon base and thus is suitable for everyone. It is available at a very moderate price and is certainly a great basketball hoop for the kids.

  1. Spalding Pro slam:

This is another amazing basketball hoop which is featured with a 54-inch acrylic backboard. It is a kind of 34-gallon base basketball hoop which is suitable enough for any basketball player. It also has the ability to adjust the height of the hoop and you can easily change the height from 7.5 inches to 10 feet. Like any other basketball hoop, it is very easy to assemble and once you assemble it you can start playing and ding fun for several years. It comes up with an affordable rate and it is not only suitable for the kids but also for the adult players as well. Thus if you want to purchase a good quality basketball hoop with making a hole in your pocket then this type of basketball hoop will certainly be your best choice.       

  1. Silverback NXT Acrylic portable basketball system:

This is another excellent quality of basketball hoop that is featured with a 35-gallon base. It is also an adjustable and a covered breakaway rim. This type of basketball hoop is well-known in the market due to its incredible build quality. The best thing about this basketball hoop is that all its parts are numbered and hence it is very easy to assemble the parts. It requires a maximum of 2 hours to assemble and once you assemble it players can play it for years. You can also take the help of YouTube videos for assembling it. It comes up with a facility of 26-inch overhang facility which provides a lot of space for the payer under the backboard.

  1. Spalding 54 inch glass pro-tek portable basketball hoop:

This is another excellent kind of basketball hoop that has the same dimension as that of the Spalding pro slam. This type of basketball hoop mainly comes up with high quality and stability features. It has a 40-gallon base which is very massive and offers the necessary weights that are required to avoid the shaking and rattling. It comes up with the screw jack mechanism which is suitable enough to adjust the height of the basketball hoop. Thus it is suitable for both the adult as well as kids. It is also available at a moderate price and hence can be availed by anybody.   

  1. Spalding the beast:

Last but not least this is another excellent name in the list of excellent quality of basketball hoop. It comes up with a huge 60-inch backboard along with massive 55 gallons based feature. This is mainly made up of high-quality tempered glass. Though this basketball hoop is very lightweight it does not vibrate or rattle after a long shot. Hence along with the kids, it is also suitable for the big and athletic player. Hence it is one of the best basketball hoops that you can avail at an affordable rate.  

Thus, there are many portable basketball hoops that you can use to have your own basketball hook at any place and anywhere which are also cost efficient.

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