Power of Email Marketing: Cheap, Easy, And Efficient

Emilly Leia

, Strategy

Email marketing is one of the most underrated marketing tools available to your online business. If you aren’t already running an email marketing campaign, this post will convince you to jump on that bandwagon immediately.

A successful email marketing campaign can bring in a lot of customers completely on its own merits. Unfortunately, not all email marketing campaigns are created successfully.

So before you decide to start your email marketing empire, here’s how to make a great email campaign that will help you maximize conversions on your product.

Why Is Email Marketing Right For Me?

Email marketing is worth your time for a few reasons. For starters, it’s essentially free. If you have an online business, you most likely already have email hosting. You probably even have an info@ account for your site that you can use to send out marketing emails.

The only part about running an email marketing campaign that might cost a little money is automating your emails, but that kind of thing is what you use an online subscription service for. You can still affordably automate your emails for a one time, yearly fee.

But why is this important? Well, hiring someone to do a marketing campaign can cost a lot of money. That’s why email marketing is so beneficial; it’s affordable and you can do it all yourself.

That means every conversion you make from an automated email is 100% profit.

How Do I Make An Effective Campaign?

Everyone knows those annoying spam emails they get from any website they create a login for. When they don’t get caught by the spam filter, nobody ever opens them and they go straight into the trash.

This doesn’t have to be your email marketing campaign, though. By carefully designing your emails, you can keep them out of the spam folder and interesting enough that people will at least engage with them. There are many great guides out there about how to avoid the spam filter. This means you can penetrate your targets lines of defence and market directly to them.

Of course, a good marketing email does more than get through the spam filter. It also engages the recipient somehow. Odds are the reason you have this email address to market to is because someone interacted with your site. Your target has already experienced your product, so you need to tailor your automated email to that specific audience.

How you customise your emails is up to you. This is the marketing part of email marketing, so you want it to be specific to your business. Maybe you offer periodic service renewals, or you have a series of related products you can sell. Regardless, your email should contain the call to action that best fits your site.

Is Email Marketing Really That Great?

In the end, emails are only one form of marketing. There are many other ways to interact with potential customers out there, each with varying degrees of success. There is no single perfect marketing technique, but you should always be using email marketing in conjunction with your other strategies when the option is available to you.

Since it’s essentially free, you will always lose money if you are not using email marketing. Your return on investment will always be 100%, so even if only a fifth of recipients engage with their email, and you’ve sent out 100 emails in a month, you’re looking at 20 easy engagements per month.

Email marketing essentially equates to free, easy revenue, and nobody can say no to that. Every major company out there knows a simple email is all it takes to draw people back to your business time and time again. Amazon, Google, and Apple are all companies that jumped on the email marketing train as a means to maximize their profits from every customer, and look how well it worked out for them.

The numbers don’t lie. As long as people use email, you should be using email marketing for free marketing and easy profit.If you don’t think you have the time or skill to develop your own email marketing campaign, that’s alright. There are many businesses out there dedicated to marketing your site in the digital era. Toronto based web designer Awesome Web Designs is one international web designer who will help you market your website and maximize its potential. This includes marketing, graphic design, and various other web optimizations to make your site competitive. In the end, there should be no reason you aren’t using email marketing to boost your site’s traffic. Start planning your marketing campaign today, or contact a professional web designer and let someone else do all the work for you.