Reason To Buy And Use Dome Security Cameras

Riya Sen

, Gadgets

Want to make your business and home secure? Security cameras provide the best inconspicuous protection from all the people who are not required within the safe premises of a place. Now, there are many options available in the market to choose from and they all will solve the different purpose for you. These days the best ones that are available in the market which are preferred by most of the businesses houses and homes are the dome cameras.

Dome security cameras are called so because they are in the shape of a dome. Dome cameras are considered as the best kind of surveillance systems which are installed inside homes, casinos, restaurants, retail stores. Dome cameras are fashionable, and they blend quite well with the surroundings of any setting or home. The dome shape of the cameras makes it difficult for the onlookers to tell which side the dome camera is aiming at the people around. When you are shopping for a dome camera you must consider buying the one with the night vision or if you wish to go for a superior option you must go with an infrared dome camera.

The different type of dome cameras includes outdoor, indoor, Internet Protocol (IP), Infrared, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) and the vandal-proof camera. Unlike the other security cameras that are bulky, the sleek appearance of the camera and its super small size allows it to blend better with the surroundings of your home. The 360-degree view of the camera makes them all the way more perfect for better viewing.

Indoor dome cameras may consist of some special materials which cannot withstand certain kinds of temperatures and weathers. The cameras are perfect for those who need indoor protection as they cannot withstand the different types of weathers and cameras. You can connect the IP dome cameras to the internet which will allow you to view the area under surveillance from anywhere in the world.

Some other reasons why to go for a dome camera?

Variety and Diversity

The dome cameras come in different shapes and sizes which mean that you get unnumbered options in the dome cameras to choose according to your needs and requirement.

Some of the best cameras that are raging the market at the moment are:

·         Pelco PMM20A

·         Panasonic WV-SF549

·         Pelco C10DN-7X 540TVL

Wide Angle Coverage

The dome cameras are flexible and multi-functional which sets them apart from the bullet-shaped camera. Unlike the bullet cameras, the dome cameras do not exclusively and intensively focus on the target area, but they cover a wide-angle with their lens. The dome cameras transform into panoramic surveillance cameras that come packed with multiple sensors. The wide-angle cameras give a 360-degree view of the area and which is why they are able to stagger a larger area.

There are very fewer chances that the Shoplifters, thieves will shoplift from a place that has dome cameras installed everywhere. The dome cameras are fastened to the wall because they deter theft. Cameras work the best in the areas where there is high-traffic or the places that are very much crowded as those areas require constant surveillance.  


The installation of the dome cameras is super easy. No hassle, not much is required for installing the camera. You can simply do it within a very limited time.

Not only are the advantages but there quite many downsides too which we want you to know

Not Vandal Resistant

Be very sure before choosing the dome camera with the perfect shape. If you choose the wrong one, then it might get damaged easily without many efforts and that would decrease its life. They are susceptible to damaging and rough handling. If you are planning to put up a dome camera on the low-lying walls then visitors and onlookers can reach it easily and then there are more chances of it getting damaged. 

These are fit for any kind of operation and are used everywhere whether commercially or at homes. Since they come in a variety of sizes so, you can purchase them for fulfilling your purpose and needs.


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