Role of Product Owner – Why the Product Owner is Important in Test?

Riya Sen

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Good numbers of present organizations have started to shift to an Agile way of software development. Scrum is one of the most popular and widely used Agile frameworks and methodologies. This resulted in the emergence of new job roles and one among them is the scrum master. Scrum professionals and candidates have to prove their knowledge, talents, and skills on various topics of the scrum to increase the value of their job profile. 

Get the most valued certification 

There are reputed scrum institutes in the country to provide you with quality CSPO training at affordable rates to make you a talented scrum product owner. But keep in mind that even though product owners and scrum masters look to be the same, they are different. A product owner approaches the project from the customer point of view whereas the scrum master completely focuses on the team and its operations. Here are some of the important responsibilities and roles of scrum master that make scrum master tests so important in the industry.

Implementation of project management and best practices 

It is the responsibility of scrum master to create and onboard scrum project teams, integrate the team into the organization, and to provide a clear picture and vision of the product. The scrum masters have to promote effective communication and timely information exchange between the project team and external groups. They have to also manage and monitor project progress, drive a culture of learning and agility and provide timely feedback. 

Keep all the parties informed and on track 

The scrum masters have to keep the stakeholders and the scrum team on a track. They conduct daily team meetings to monitor the progress of the product and get updates, address potential barriers, and to make sure that the project is on the right track. Regular sessions are also hosted to share updates with the stakeholders to keep everyone on track. 

Introduce agile engineering practices 

The scrum masters promote the use of automation and continuous integration (CI) to add speed and perfection to product development. These practices also reduce the development cost and improve the quality and architecture of the product.

Other Role of Product Owner

Other roles of scrum masters include finding methods for effective management of product backlog, promoting communication of project team with the owner wish list, arranging and optimizing product backlog, organizing necessary scrum events, leading and coaching scrum adoption, planning scum implementation, implementing steps and changes to enhance the productivity of the team, collaborating with other scrum masters, and to promote the efficiency of scrum methodologies.

A certified scrum product owner can expect a better salary when he/she has better experience. For a certified scrum product owner with 1 to 4 years of experience, the salary he can expect is 76000 to 90000 dollars. For an owner with 5 to 9 years of work experience, he can expect 91000 to 104000 dollars. For a product owner with 10 to 19 years of experience, he can expect 104000 to 108000 dollars. With a certified scrum product owner with more than 20 years of experience, he can expect a salary greater than 108000 dollars. The more experience you gain, the higher your salary is and the better they will be at running their organization.

Qualities of scrum masters 

Scrum masters need some essential qualities to deliver their responsibilities in the best way. They should be knowledgeable, influential, observant and collaborative. Scrum master training and Scrum product owner training are the most valuable training to get a deeper knowledge of scrum and to develop these qualities. 

Define a clear product vision: As a certified scrum product owner, you will be focused on the features that your product possesses and what your customers might need and what they would want to use. With this, you can attain customer satisfaction easily. This will, in turn, lead to customer retention.

This means that the person should have undergone a CSPO training course and a product owner certification where he is taught everything related to the tasks he would perform while acting as a product owner. This is a requirement because if you do not have such training, you might not be able to cope up with all the work pressure and business situations that come up during all the business processes. You could take this training from StarAgile as it provides one of the best training courses for the product owners.

Define and validate business value: A certified scrum product owner has the advantage of adding an extra advantage to the business. With a certified scrum product owner in your basket, the value of your business increases due to the experience and knowledge that they carry.

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