Signs That Your Tile and Grout Need Some Deep Cleaning

You know you truly have clean tiles in your home if you have clean grout. While tiles can be impervious to spills and dirt, grout is not because it is a porous material. Even though you always mop and scrub the floor diligently, you will still have dirty grout as it stains easily. Besides dirt, grime, dust, and spills, the detergent you use for cleaning your tiles is another reason for having a dirty floor. But, all is not lost, as there are ways to make your tile flooring clean and shiny again, such as using a professional Tile & Grout Cleaning and proper maintenance on your part.

First, identify the signs that your floor is dirty and in need of deep cleaning:

The tile looks drab and washed out. The accumulation of dirt and residue can cause your tiles to look dull and drab. If you have natural stone tiles, scratches could also bring about this look. Hiring the professionals to perform tile cleaning at least once a year can bring back the sheen and sparkle of your floors. They can also do diamond polishing to clear off your natural stone from scratches.

Your tile and grout are generally a lot lighter than other areas. It is an easy way to tell if your floor needs a deep cleaning. Check the areas of your tile flooring that are not exposed to heavy traffic and daily soiling, and compare their appearance and colour with the rest of the tiles. The areas where you can look include under the refrigerator, corners of the room, under furniture items, and other inconspicuous places in your house.

The tile and grout continue to look dirtier. Despite your constant cleaning, your tile flooring still looks soiled and grubby. You may need to check what you are doing or using to clean your floor. One of the most effective ways to maintain your tiles is by using a neutral cleaning solution or steam mop. But, once your floor reaches a state that it still looks dirty despite your cleaning attempts, you may need to call a Tile & Grout Cleaning company so that the experts can restore your flooring.

Here are a few more ways to maintain your tile flooring:

  • Regular mopping and vacuuming are vital aspects of keeping your floors clean. When it comes to cleaning, vacuuming or sweeping go first before mopping. With mopping, use cleaning agents and water, and then rinse the floor with clean water.

  • Put doormats at every entrance in your home. If you have a doormat, people will likely wipe their feet or shoes before entering the house. This action can prevent about 80% of the debris from getting inside. Remember to practice the two-step wet mopping method.

  • Clean spills right away, as most of them only need a wipe to clean up. If the spill does not present a sanitary problem, you may wipe it with a damp cloth or paper towel. If the spill is due to pet urine or foods, you need water and disinfectant to clean it.

When to call the professionals?

Sometimes, you will face a difficult situation with your flooring. Probably, you have a bad backache, no time for cleaning, or do not know how to approach hard water stains, mildew, or mold. In such cases, Tile & Grout Cleaning specialists can provide you with the best solutions, restoring the clean and glossy look of your tiles.