Simple Home Exercises For Weight Loss

The problem of weight loss is fast gripping the entire world. People are discussing weight loss, obesity and health more regularly than before. However, not all people can enroll in a gym or a health club. Do not fret, you can do simple home exercises for weight loss too.

Decreasing weight means burning body fat. One pound of your body fat has around 3500 calories. When you exercise, you are burning your body fats. Let now have a look at some simple home exercises which will help you burn your body fats.

Here are some of the Best Exercises for Weight Loss

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is one home exercise for losing your weight that many people will recommend. The jump rope will make most of your muscles work. Your entire body gets good exercise as none of the muscles is in a relaxed position. Another major upside of jumping rope is that it increases your heart rate. Augmented heart rate means burning of more calories. You can use spydialer to get information of anyone.

If you think there is not enough space in your room to try this exercise out, do not worry. Just pretend that you have a jump rope and carry on as you would have, had you been with a jump rope in your hands. This makes jump rope one of the best exercises for weight loss.

Cross Workout

With the help of masking tape, create a plus (+) sign on the floor. Make each strip at least a couple of feet long. Stand in the right top corner of the plus sign. Run in for about four seconds and switch yourself to the left side.

Again run in for five seconds and move to the lower-left corner. Repeat the same process by shifting to the right side. Your current position will be the lower right corner of the section. Complete the cycle when you reach the place from where you started.

Another part of the exercise involves jumping rather than running. Start from the upper right corner. Now, jump to the lower-left corner of the masking tape. You have made a diagonal jump. Now, jump again and switch to the right hand lower corner. From this place, jump to the upper left corner. From here, jump one final time and go back to your original position from where you started.

Running on The Spot

This is one exercise that will not need any room at all. You can do it in your living room or bedroom. If you have an ankle injury make sure that you are not putting too much pressure on them.

In such a case do not lift your toes off the ground but keep making movements as if you are peddling a cycle. If you are strong enough to make slightly vigorous movements, lift your legs so they are lifted about six inches above the ground. This will not put unnecessary load on your knees as well.

Stair Climbing Exercise at Home

Climbing stairs, using the stairs instead of the elevator or simply climbing up and down the stairs are all good forms of exercises. Moreover, you need not head to the gym for climbing stairs on a stair-master machine. While you climb up and down the stairs for a couple of times, you can burn many calories and lose weight fast.

Abdominal Workouts at Home

Consider using an exercise ball or simply use the sofa to support your legs as you lie on the floor to perform some basic abdominal crunches at home. Studies show that crunches performed with or without abs-workout machines have the same effect. You can buy low-cost exercise balls online.

Likewise, you can use YouTube to find simple abs workout videos online. All these above-mentioned tips are easy and eliminate the need for enrolling in a health club or gym. Hence, you can save time and money by working out at home by performing these simple home exercises for weight loss.