Social Media Video Advertising – A Trend For 2019

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Display advertising is usually divided into classic (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines) and online advertising. Every year, online advertising is increasingly strengthening its position as the most popular means of promotion, gradually replacing television and print media. You will no doubt agree that social networks have long ceased to be exclusively a service for communication and entertainment, confidently moving into the category of one of the most effective platforms for promoting a business.

Innovative advertising formats, such as videos in social media feeds, since 2016, have stimulated the growth of global display advertising by an average of 14% annually. Amounts spent by advertisers on video advertising are growing directly proportional to the interest of users in this segment. People are beginning to consume information faster, new technologies are continually improving the quality of communication, and this means that video content will become more and more popular. 

The amount of advertising through online video on social networks is growing fastest, because it is here that consumers are focused. Thus, advertisers can reach even the most inaccessible audience and get excellent results. After all, if your target audience spends most of the time on social networks, then you should also be there.

Video advertising in social networks. What is the advantage?

The exact choice of the audience. Today it is difficult to find a person who is an active Internet user and at the same time, is not registered in any of the social networks. Specifying personal information (place of residence, profession, gender, age, interests), people give the advertiser all the necessary data for the most accurate targeting. By setting up impressions specifically for a specific target audience, you cannot only increase the effectiveness of advertising but also save quite some money.

Engagement. According to statistics, an average person spends about 2 hours a day on social networks, browsing the news, reading favorite publics, and in the process stumbling on an advertisement that flashes in the feed now and then. It is the videos on social networks that attract more attention of users, thereby providing good indicators of audience engagement. 

Interactivity. Minimal efforts are required from a potential customer to complete the action you need. You can get the additional information and purchase just a couple of clicks without having to remember your phone or search for a company’s website on Google. Also, likes and shares under your post contribute to an even greater reach of the audience.

Editing. It is easy for the advertiser to edit his post at any time, from the text to the video itself. This allows you to quickly adapt to changes or eliminate the error if it is detected after publication.

Analysis of the results. Measuring the effectiveness of an advertising campaign also does not cause many difficulties, look through the statistics. You will receive detailed information on all the items: from jumping to the Fb page or website of your company to the number of people who watched the video.

Innovation.  The largest social networks have long understood that they are the way to the future. That is why they pay great attention to the active development of advertising tools, improving and identifying new ways of brand interaction with the audience.

Why it has to be a video?

You can talk about the advantages of the video over the image for a long time. Here are the main reasons why you should try using a video as an ad.

  • Video can convey emotions and moods at times better than the image. It is in the power of influence on the viewer that the main advantage of the video lies.
  • From very early childhood, people are attracted to saturated colors and moving objects. This is happening unconsciously. That is why a beautiful auto-play video immediately draws our attention.
  • The video gives a huge space for creativity. With the help of editing, various effects, infographics, and catchy images, we can tell the whole story and completely captivate the viewer.
  • Through the video, the viewer receives the maximum amount of information with minimal efforts. Such material accessibility and ease of perception make video one of the most effective advertising tools.

Instagram and Facebook – what is looking for us

The number of purchases through a mobile phone or tablet is continuously growing. Not the last role in this was played by social networks, and especially Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. You have to admit that it is much more convenient to do everything at once in one place – to keep track of the news, communicate, and immediately buy the products you want.

That is why every year, social networks are becoming more convenient for advertising products, sales, and brand promotion. In 2019, Facebook and Instagram are likely to continue their active development in this direction.

Back in 2016, Instagram announced the development of the built-in service called Instagram Shopping Tag. Today, this new functionality is already being gradually introduced in an increasing number of countries. 

Facebook, in its turn, within the framework of the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) project, has been working for several years not for facial recognition only, but also objects in the photos. This technology can be used both for sorting photos by categories and for targeting and selecting recommendations. By analyzing the images shared by network users, the system will be able to collect new data for statistics on Facebook and will become a particularly useful tool for advertising. 

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