Some Brilliant Reasons Why You Should Use SEO Tools

Krause Cutt

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If you are struggling to bring higher traffic on your website, then these SEO tools can be helpful in monitoring and analyzing your website. There are many free SEO tools available online out of which you can choose the one that works best for you. After running your website through a series of SEO tests and finding out the shortcomings and work on them to make your website rank higher in the SERPs. Work on the visibility of your website by first finding out the shortcoming and working on them later.

Top Reasons to use SEO Tools for better Optimization

  1. SEO Analysis 
    The website analysis report will point out all the bugs of your website so that you can easily fix them.  After analyzing your website, you can easily rank it higher because you will get an idea that what is working or what is not working. You can implement other SEO strategies that will work better on your website. 

  2. Check the authentication of website’s backlinks 
    It will help you in checking the quality and quantity of the backlinks. Save all the backlinks, export these links and check the status of the backlinks over and over again. Keep track on your website’s linking to check the status of the website. 

  3. Beat your competition 
    SEO tools will be helpful in beating your competition. SEO tool will be helpful to analyze the website URLs. It will also help you in getting all the information about the strategy of your website. With a SEO tool you can check a few parameters. 

    – It checks the common SEO errors 
    – It keeps track of the speed of your website
    – It checks the mobile usability and user-friendly option of your website 

  4. SEO tools will automate the process 
    It will help you in getting an overview of the speed of the website as well as it will automate the whole process with automation tools. This will automate the process for specific time intervals. An SEO tool will work on behalf of you. 

  5. Get custom SEO reports 
    With SEO tools, you can generate SEO reports with ease to get to know about your website. You can generate all SEO reports conveniently for your client to show the progress of the work. 

  6. Check the complete list of errors 
    It checks the complete list of errors that is a big hindrance for you in getting higher indexing on Google search engine ranking page. Knowing your website errors will help you in fixing them with ease. After making the changes, make your website run through a SEO test again to know that whether the changes are are working positively or not. This will help you in getting higher ranking on the Google search engine result page. 

  7. Check the site speed 
    There are many SEO tools that are able to check your website speed. If your website speed is low then visitors can leave your website and can jump on to the website of your competitors. So it is very important to monitor the speed of your website. If you want a higher ranking of your website then it is very important to monitor SEO performance. 

Some of the Best SEO Tools to Optimize your Website in 2020

  1. Ahrefs: Best SEO Keyword Tool

  2. Google Search Console

  3. SEMRush

  4. KWFinder: SEO Keyword Tool

  5. MOZ: Software for Smarter Marketing

  6. Yoast SEO: #1 SEO Plugin for WordPress

  7. SpyFu: Competitor Keyword Research Tool

  8. Siteliner: Duplicate Content Analysis

  9. Screaming Frog: SEO Spider Tool & Crawler Software

  10. SerpBook: Real-time Rank Tracking Tool

  11. Answer The Public: Free Keyword Research and Content Ideas

  12. Woorank: Website and SEO Analysis Tool

Why checking the SEO of a website is important?

  1. It will be helpful in finding out the errors of your website. 

  2. It checks the titles, descriptions, and headings of your website.

  3. It finds out the images without title and that is of a big size so that you can reduce the size of the images. It will enhance the loading speed of your website. 

  4. It will help you in finding out the technical SEO errors so that you can fix these with ease. 

  5. For checking the SEO of a website working on the on-page issues is very important. A free SEO tool namely SEO site checkup can help find all the On-page issues by scanning the internal and external links of the web site. It pins points and highlights even the minutes of the issue because of which your website might be showing up at the top of the search engine results.

  6. It will check out your Google score regarding loading speed and user-friendly option. 

  7. It will help you in checking broken links and redirects. 

  8. It will test your website speed. 

  9. It will visualize the structure of your website and will pay attention to the anchors, internal and external linking. 

  10. It will look for URLs. 


You have to perform a complete website analysis to enhance your website ranking and overall website health. Check all the SEO factors using various best SEO tools to make sure that you stay ahead of your competitors. 

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