Ten craft you can make with big cardboard boxes

Riya Sen

, Entertainment

Something that you see lying around in every house is a big brown box. It is a box that no one is willing to throw away, and the reason is that they are so useful for do-it-yourself projects. Such projects never go out of fashion and keep people engaged. 

So why cardboard is the best material for big-box crafts?

Cardboard is the best material for such big projects as strength is important to keep the structure straight and save it from falling and bending. It is of many types like fiberboard, corrugated box, or flute. The difference is in the strength and quality. Corrugated cardboard boxes are stronger than fiberboard because they are made up of many layers, which give it its strength. 

Their surface is perfect for pasting and sticking. It is water and paint compatible. You can easily apply paint to it and cover it with wrappers. It also depends on the type of project you are doing and the things available.  

These ten amazing big boxes, no ordinary crafts have been designed for you to experiment something new and get those boxes that have been lying around in the storeroom for years, to use.  

1.    Playhouse:

If you have kids and they do not ask you for a playhouse especially out of some old cardboard boxes, then it is something to worry about but do not worry something like that has never been recorded to happen on the surface of the Earth.

That is true!

Big boxes allow you to make functional paly houses depending on the size you choose. They are lightweight and can be carried in and out of the house to the lawn and lounge. 

2.    Maze:

The most fun DIY for huge boxes is a maze tunnel that never fails to engage hyperactive kids, and it literally is irresistible for the adults as well. It can be made in two ways, one as a tunnel and you can make an open maze if you are interested in hoping into it too. 

It is as easy as cutting the bottom of big enough box that a person can pass through it and joining all the boxes in by securing with tape. To make it look fantastic wrap it in fun or exciting paper sheets.

3.    Play Pool:

You can thank us later for this one!

To keep the kids in a restricted area and save the house from looking like a tornado just hit it, play pool is the way to go. Make a flat surface of cardboards. It must be broad enough that your kids can sit lay or move around in it quickly. Start making the boundaries of it with flat box sides and secure with the strong tape and you are ready to go!

4.    Letter lights:

Tired of the same boring lights in your room for ages!

Use those free cardboards to make new light for your room and surprise others. The amazing part is you can make it in life-size and place in the corner of your room. Yes! 

Make an unattractive surface of paperboards and cut the letter of your choice, two in number, one for the front and other for the back. Cut the sides according to the width you would like to give it. Put holes and add fairy lights in the. Paste, and you are done.  

5.    Cardboard box shelves:

Very useful box craft is these storage shelves. To keep the things organized these shelves comes really handy and are way cheaper than the ones you see in the stores. 

No cutting required is what makes it easy, fun, and mess-free.

Take boxes depending on the number of sections you want and place it on one another. The most important part is to secure it tightly. To keep it in place and prevent from falling, it is advisable to secure it to the wall. 

6.    Costume:

Stop worrying about that Halloween costume you are planning for a long time. These boxes are your companion in all the best and worst of the times. These boxes coms handy especially for costumes like dice or Rubik cube. They are easy to bend and fold without having a harsh end, which proves to be the best option for any kind of curves and folds. 

7.    Laundry basket:

Fun and functional!

How amazing is that?

If you are unable to find that laundry basket matching to the interior of your bathroom, then the wait is over. Grab one of a cardboard box and paint or wrap it in the color of your choice with the designing that perfectly matches the walls. 

8.    Tent:

Play tents are exciting and double the fun of all the playdates. There is a lot of variations you can do with this one. You have to just join the plain sheet of cardboard at the top and secure it with the tape and then paint it in stripes or polka dots, or you can paste the pictures of your kids’ favorite cartoon character on it. A toy can add flags on the top to specify the house.

9.    Building blocks:

Brace yourself for this one. Let’s make some life-size building blocks. These can be used again and again as many times as needed. Their lightweight makes it easy for the kids to carry. 

Gather boxes of different sizes and cover them in all the bright and bold wrapping papers or acrylic paints.  

10.    Piñatas:

If you cannot choose what to make for those upcoming birthday party or baby shower, here is the solution. Custom cardboard boxes come to the rescue as always. Its flexibility makes it easy to give it any shape, and there is no limitation of size. You can decorate them with crepe paper and tulle for that cute furry look. 

Now you can see why your mom has been saving these boxes religiously since ages. They will now come to use for amazing projects and renovations around your room. Do not let them wait in that dark storeroom and use them for any of the ideas that hit you.