Tips for Selecting an Appliance Repair Company and Saving Money on Home Appliance Repair Services

Riya Sen

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Appliances are a boon to most homes because they save time from time-consuming and mundane daily tasks. But while buying one is comparatively easy, timely maintenance and repairs can be quite a headache, especially, when you do not have the right repairing company on board with you. Therefore, it is imperative that you have a trustworthy, efficient, professional and affordable appliance repair service provider working for you. While these parameters are easy to rattle off the list finding the right match is time taking. 

The breaking down of certain appliances like a freezer or the refrigerator is somewhat of an emergency because all your food items can get spoilt in a matter of hours. Food in the freezer can last for almost 48 hours after a breakdown but the refrigerator does not give more than four hours of time. Therefore, it is worthwhile to get a good mechanic for your home appliances. 

Check out some of the pointers you can follow for selecting the right appliance repair specialist. 

  • Referrals do work:

Even in the time of desperation, it is unwise to hand over your machine to a random appliance repair specialist. You can take the help of your friends, neighbors and even family members to pick the right person. Inquire about their experiences with the repair specialist or the company they had hired. Prepare a list of questions to get a better idea of the kind of service. You can ask them questions like: 

  1. The amount of time taken for the service providers to appear
  2. Did they provide the estimate of the time and charges required?
  3. Did the technician have a professional and clean approach?
  4. Was the service affordable and fair price?
  5. Were they happy with the services?
  6. What were the chances that they will call the same people again?
  • Hire experts: 

Would you like to take the chance of hiring a novice for your electronic appliance? Probably no. Therefore, it makes sense to take the help of professionals. While selling homes many realtors get the homeowners in touch with the local appliance repair service providers to make the home sale easy. So, they are likely to offer only the best service providers in order to get the sale processed. 

  • Check online reviews: 

All appliance repair service providers have websites to educate consumers about their services. The sites are made using the most advanced technology and designs which easily impress visitors. They are made for promotion but customer reviews offer valuable feedback for the company. The same reviews can help you understand the quality of service. Too many bad reviews are unlikely to get you good service, so such companies are best avoided. While searching through the review listings you have to keep in mind that many of these are paid reviews and can appear on the top of the listings. But that does not make it the best service provider. While reading the review, check if it is a paid one. 

  • Response to a review: 

Companies often respond to the reviews, sometimes quite rudely. If a company is doing so then the attitude reveals a lot about the company as such. If the service provider wants to have the last word rather than care about the client then opting for such a company is not the best idea. Alternatively, if the company is apologetic and wants to offer a remedy then it shows the organisation in a better light. 

  • Stay away from the flat rate companies: 

Repair companies offering a flat rate for all repairs are charging more than the actual repair rates. The exact cost of the repair can be estimated only after the damage has been surveyed and the spare parts obtained. In some cases, the companies have to be paid the flat rate even if the repair is not complete.

  • Local service Vs large chain: 

Local service providers in most cases offer better services rather than a part of a large chain. According to consumer reports, customers are happier with localised services because they appear to be more committed. Since most such companies are owned privately the owners take the extra trouble of being flexible according to the customer’s convenience. They are more intent on creating a reputation so they go an extra bit for their customers. 

Conduct interview to select the best one

Once you have short-listed some service providers, you can conduct an interview to pick the exact one. 

  • Do ask about the preferred mode of payment for the repair. Some companies might not accept credit cards or online payment. This indicates they the company might not be legitimate. 
  • Inquire if the technicians are insured and licensed because in case anybody gets hurt during the repair process.
  • The repair conducted should be insured in case the appliance breaks down within a few days of the repair. It is pointless to pay extra charges for the same work. 
  • Ask about the time duration before which the service provides will revert with the service?
  • Will they be charging extra if it takes the mechanic takes time beyond the working hours? Pick a service provider who charges for the appointment reasonably. 

Save money on repair

If you are looking to save money on the repair of your home appliances follow the below mentioned tips:

  • Understand the symptoms of your appliances and how frequently are they different from the normal. This will help you understand more about the appliance.
  • Keep track of the warranty information
  • Write down your purchase date, warranty information, brand and model number
  • Find out a technician who charges reasonably
  • Ensure that the service provider does not charge extra
  • Maintain your appliance properly by keeping it clean and in proper working condition

Author’s bio: Lata Pal is a prominent blogger and writer on appliance repairs. He also owns a company that offers appliance repair services to local customers. David understands the importance of maintaining the reputation of the company and offer proper service to the customers.