Top 10 Emerging AI Technologies that are changing the World

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Artificial Intelligence still sounds like a dream, right? No matter how much of a believer you are, it brings out the skeptical side in all of us due to being so incredibly fascinating, as if straight out of a Marvel movie. Well, here’s more proof for you of how real it truly is. Due to the constant development in AI, this is one of the best assignment writing service topics you could select for yourself.

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We’re talking to machines now 1

My robot assistant is my best friend 1

Your car can be your designated driver! 2

Don’t throw that rocket away, we can still use it! 2

Okay, hear me out – regenerating body parts can be a thing. 2

Did you forget to take your medicine again? 2

Vegans, this one’s for you 2

The machines know how to not screw it up (AI-led molecules!) 2

Pokémon Go 2.0 3

There aren’t apps for this one yet, but we could edit genes. 3


We’re talking to machines now

Relax, I’m just talking about voice assistants. We all know and love our wonderful robotic friends, such as Amazon Echo. Even to this day, the technology is constantly updated so its users can get the most out of it. This constant development has made it possible for us to communicate with technology through voice rather than text, as it previously used to be.

My robot assistant is my best friend

We’ve all seen the Alexa memes. The buzz about it is so much that it became a trend on social media to share supposedly funny experiences people had with them that made them seem more human than machine. Of course, when you talk to them and they are programmed to respond to everything you say, you’ll feel pretty at home with your robotic friends.

Your car can be your designated driver!

Wouldn’t you love for your car to drive itself? Well, AI makes it possible! Tesla, the dream car for a lot of us, is an example of such a vehicle. Along with there being no drivers, developments are being made and research is being done to make things like air-traffic-control systems possible.

  • General Motors announced that in the near future, there will be cars with no steering wheels or pedals. 
  • No more worrying about not knowing how to drive! Just blame the mess-ups on your AI system.

Don’t throw that rocket away, we can still use it!

Would you like to take a guess on how much it costs to build a single rocket to send into outer space? You probably don’t, because an experiment like that failing after the amount of money spent on developing and building it is just too heart-breaking of a thing to think about.

  • We have finally figured out how to land rockets, which makes it possible to use them once again without crashing them
  • Resources saved on this can be used for several other developments that are required 

Okay, hear me out – regenerating body parts can be a thing.

We’re obviously not lizards. But doctors have actually discovered a way to plant and regenerate cells to create body parts – if that isn’t the coolest thing you’ve heard in a really long time; I don’t know what is. 

  • In the beginning, the part will grow in a petri dish.
  • It will later be implanted into the patient, once it’s strong enough to hold its own.

Did you forget to take your medicine again?

A medicine factory could technically be planted inside of you through using this technology. In case you ever forget to take medicines from a course assigned to you by your doctor, these drug generators will be programed in such a way that they will automatically provide you with the required medicine when required. We’re really finding ways to get out of doing everything! 

Vegans, this one’s for you

While the idea of lab-grown meat is quite disgusting to people, it will not only help preserve certain parts of nature, but may also be a better, healthier alternative for meat. Along with that, it will also save environmental resources and cost of producing consumable meat.

The machines know how to not screw it up (AI-led molecules!)

A lot of medicines and drugs in science are created based on calculated predictions of molecular structures, as well as guesses. But that will not be a problem anymore due to a more precise manner of creating these drugs!

  • Through machine learning algorithms that can analyze old research to come up with new methodologies, our work becomes much easier.
  • This will revolutionize several industries and make production of needed products a lot more efficient.

Pokémon Go 2.0

Information can be combined with animation to create this wonderful world of dream-like augmented reality. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? That is not all, though. This technology will help surgeons locate tissues beneath the skin of their patient and easily and quickly locate where they have to make incisions and what parts they have to work on; truly something revolutionary.

There aren’t apps for this one yet, but we could edit genes.

There are way too many controversies surrounding this topic and a lot of problems have been created with this as a subject. CRISPR gene-editing is here to rescue us from the drama though, since it enables us to be able to inject genetic material into certain spots on chromosomes!

  • No more limitations and bad blood due to the possibility of gene editing
  • The elimination of diseases and issues with ethical questions


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